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This sounds like the what was effectively being done by the previous paragraph.

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It shows 0 updates needed, all updates show "installed or not applicable".

These are fresh server installs, they have just been installed straight from a disk image created November of last year.

I have verified in the registry on the affected machines that they are pointing to the WSUS server and it can be pinged. There is no firewall or port blocker or anything like that.

I created a completely new 2016 server installation with absolutely nothing installed on it; no roles, no firewalls no virus scanner no nothing, just a blank server and tried to force it to connect.

If you are not familiar with Group Policy, it is advised that you review the information in the Supplemental information section of this document before attempting to configure policy settings for WSUS.

Specifies that Windows Automatic Update and Microsoft Update will include non-administrators when determining which signed-in user will receive update notifications.

In these extensions you will find the settings that you can use to configure how WSUS clients can interact with Windows Update to receive automatic updates.

Note This topic assumes that you already use and are familiar with Group Policy.

It is definitely a WSUS server problem; if I go into the registry and change it back to Microsofts server it finds updates. Uncheck "Upgrades" from the Classifications for your site servers software update point configurations.

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