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Researchers tried to identify which stations had the most missed connections postings per passenger, first in London, and then in the US."People really do value long-shots.

The idea of getting a second chance, however small, is very powerful," wrote Craigslist CEO Jim Buckmaster, who originally conceived of the section.

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A lot was going on at the time but I’d love to chat and give you more information.

London Chatrandom We met on chatrandom last night and my phone died before you got my email.

And according to Craigslist researchers, it's on trains that many of these missed connections occur.

This week, Craigslist released a new study analyzing the five American cities with the largest subway systems -- New York, Chicago, Washington, Philadelphia and Boston -- and calculated a TRIST (Train Romance Index Score Total), which put five Chicago L stops in the top 10: Belmont (Red/Brown line), Addison (Red), California (Blue), Linden (Purple), and Fullerton (Red/Brown).

Freedman says they wanted to bring a smile to people's faces, while also getting some positive publicity, stating that "They don’t act like a kind of conventional corporation in their attitude towards publicity.”“We get so much interest from the public and the media on this quirky section of the site.

That's what inspires us to look for trends there," said Craigslist spokesperson Beth Cook in a statement.They’ve found that OKCupid users who like beer are more likely to sleep with their partners on the first date, and looked into how more traditionally attractive women are actually messaged less than their counterparts.Why did Craigslist feel motivated to do this research?We kept looking at eachother and I couldn’t help but smile like an absolute fool.Even though this is a long shot, I really hope I can find you and know who is behind that smile.Hello Sam This is definitely a long shot but I really cant think of any other way of doing this. mackenzie at subway you made my sub today and apparently you were on break i thought you were really attractive i would love to get to know you if u see this and you are interested tell me what subway you work at and ...

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