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Some Mormons reported that when Young spoke to them he sounded like Smith.These people saw this as a heavenly manifestation that Young was to be the next leader. Young led the work to complete the temple in Nauvoo and continued to give the members the ordinances he learned from Smith.One of the first groups went to share the Book of Mormon with the Native Americans.

O'Dea that the Mormons 'represent the clearest example to be found in our national history of the evolution of a native and indigenously developed ethnic minority "' ( The Harvard Encyclopedia of American Ethnic Groups, 1980).

The Mormon church has grown to be more than an American religious denomination.

Scholars disagree on whether Mormons, members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS), can rightly be considered an ethnic group.

Using survey results, sociologist Armand Mauss shows that Mormons are typical Americans.

The first group arrived in Kirtland, Ohio, a few miles east of Cleveland, early in 1831.

For the next seven years, Kirtland served as the church headquarters, and the Latter-day Saints built their first temple there.

As Smith, his brother Hyrum, and other church leaders were held in jail awaiting trial, a mob broke into the jail and killed Joseph and Hyrum Smith on June 27, 1844.

Following the death of their leader, Brigham Young (1801-1877), the president of the Council of Twelve Apostles, gained the trust of most of Smith's followers.

The Mormons received a liberal charter from the state that allowed them to have their own militia and courts.

From here Smith continued to send out missionaries. One of Smith's revelations, plural marriage, caused special problems for the Mormons.

But Smith made it clear that Kirtland was only a temporary home.

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