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In public everything intimate is illicit and this attack on the intimate, makes intimacy itself homeless, in both public and private.It isn’t the only place in Karachi with secret uses.The strip is only big enough for a patch of lawn, some bushes of bougainvillea, Karachi’s faithful flowering beauty.

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At a busy intersection, far from the mausoleum and its subterfuge, is a traffic island, which has been cultivated into a small park.

It is an odd place for a patch of green, plopped as it is between snarls of traffic, the comings and goings from the city into one of its more affluent suburbs.

The renting out of the Founder’s grave room has been an organized operation, the whole thing implied, with cuts divvied out to colluders from top to bottom.

The administrators had thought perhaps that no one would know, save the dead founder—and he, of course, could not tell on them.

It lives on at the Founder’s Grave today, where only neat round wreaths of flowers are permitted as homages.

Unbeknown to most, the raised coffin-shaped structure enclosed by the fence does not really contain the remains of the Founder of Pakistan.Those lie in a chamber below, accessed by a separate staircase that leads to another room, one which holds the actual grave of the Founder of Pakistan.Like so much else in Pakistan, the Founder’s grave is not what it appears to be.Rising up from a marble platform, the mausoleum is flanked on each of its four sides by cadets of the Pakistan military.Erect and stern, they stare ahead into space, as little kids skitter about them, trying to make them laugh. Inside, under the high-ceilinged central chamber, the grave of the founder of Pakistan is encircled by a black fence.It was the end of February 2014, a time when Karachi’s winter, which also passes for Karachi’s spring, slips unsmilingly into its thankless summer.

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