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Also his aunt Mary Beth Logan and his adopted aunt Katherine Plunckett.and Idell Nolan Crawford of Eden, Ms, and Earl and Ina Chapman of Jackson, Ms."I don't go along with this theory of the sanitised version of women, that we all have to be moulded to look like people we see in magazines," she insists."This obsession with the Stepford Wives' look is frightening." Which makes her latest role as the wife of a Hollywood plastic surgeon in the adult TV drama, Nip/Tuck, deliciously ironic casting.He’s suave and in control, seemingly capable of turning any situation into a big positive for himself.

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However Miss Richardson has now stunned producers of the show by telling them she is quitting to return to the UK to care for her daughter.

She has revealed for the first time that Daisy has a rare medical condition which she was diagnosed with shortly after her first birthday.

At the age of 24 she embarked on a fling with Scottish landowner Archie Stirling who was more than twice her age and also married to actress Diana Rigg.

Stirling subsequently chose his wife and teenage daughter Rachael over Miss Richardson, leaving her distraught.

The dynamic of the show changed with the difficulty of what she was going through (personally), plus what she is going through on the show this season playing the mother of a deformed baby.

That said, Joely is the best she has ever been."Murphy said he was praying the actress would make it back for the next season of the show: "I don't want to do the show without her," he said.

The duo was spotted enjoying a dinner at the Serpentine Gallery in Hyde Park which was hosted by Louis Vuitton and Richard Prince.

Likewise, Joely was previously linked with her on-screen son from Nip/Truck, John Hensley, but she never had a serious and long term relation after her divorce.

They were also seen together in Rome on a romantic trip where they were spotted kissing.

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