Bad speed dating stories

Police say Say was caught driving drunk in a car with her two sons, ages 2 and 4, inside.

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Police say he was interested in a different kind of touching reunion with the 13-year-old girl, describing sex acts to her as he asked for a meeting.

A Texas mom was allegedly caught on hospital surveillance camera putting human waste into her little girl's intravenous line.

A lawyer for the woman told the Austin American-Statesman that "as the facts unfold, the impression people have of this young woman will change for the better." More » Phoenix police say Cynthia Robertson led her two sons (the youngest, just 12 years old) in a crime spree, committing some 40 robberies on pedestrians.

Mom, they say, allegedly drove the getaway car and was the brains behind the operation.

More » Melissa Foley, 29, allegedly left her one-month-old girl in front of her apartment while fighting with a man, possibly a boyfriend, and chasing him in a car. More » Sarah Slicker earned her nickname, "The Naked Nanny," when she was convicted of undressing in front of a 4-year-old boy whom she was babysitting.

After serving a year in prison, this former Sunday school teacher asked to have her probation reduced, for the sake of her child.They are unedited, they are unfiltered, and they definitely didn’t get a response. “So when are […] I met Aaron on Hinge, my new favorite dating app.For those unfamiliar, Hinge sets you up with your Facebook friends’ single friends.Police say they found other weapons -- as well as a baby -- in the child transportation device.Back by popular demand (and because I’ve received so many bad Ok Cupid messages that I’m starting to think these men know I’m collecting them), here’s a compilation of some of the best bad emails I’ve received lately.More » How badly did Rebecca Sue Taylor want a new apartment?

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