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Art and Architecture | Kurt Wenner is a master artist and architectural designer with an international following. The scope of his work ranges from villas and residential architecture, to lavish interior design with original works in paint and decorative relief as well as classically inspired product design.In addition to works of art, Wenner develops educational programs, seminars and workshops, and corporate services.

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Currently, Kurt Wenner has written a Street Painting History, Asphalt Renaissance, explaining how Sidewalk Art and Pavement Art transformed itself into a spectacular medium, popular in Advertising, Publicity and numerous Street Painting Festivals.

| A Madonnaro or Chalk Artist in Italy may be a Strassenmaler in Germany, a Sidewalk Chalk Artist in the United States, or a Screever in Britain, but Street Painting and Pavement Art have been transformed beyond recognition.

Kurt Wenner - Master Artist Master Architect Street Painting 3D Street Painter 3D Pavement Artist Artist's Statement Kurt Wenner is a Master Artist and Master Architect famous for inventing three-dimensional pastel drawings.

Also known as: 3D Street Painting, 3D Pavement Art, 3D Chalk Art, or 3D Sidewalk Art, they are a form of Anamorphic Perspective.

Wenner's specialty is the centuries-old practice of street painting.

But what sets him apart from other artists who cover swaths of public space with their work is that Wenner's work is 3D.

Wenner, who learned perspective and dimension in Italy, is one of an increasingly popular breed of street performers who earn tips for their artistic labors.

At least the bills are higher denominations these days, as Wenner is invited the world over to decorate various public spaces. To Eastern minds, the impermanence of street painting is completely natural, even unremarkable.

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ASPHALT RENAISSANCE: The Pavement Art and 3-D Illusions of Kurt Wenner (Sterling Signature, paper, .95), by Wenner with B. Hospodar, exhibits his sidewalk murals of classical compositions — destined to be washed away by time and rain — that might have put Michelangelo to shame (at least the church let him do his indoors).

"It is interesting for me to see the way in which the different cultures perceive my work," he writes. They are most fascinated by the drawing style itself, which is very exotic and intriguing to them." "Asphalt Renaissance" is an art book, with startling color photos of the work in situ, often with observers standing around providing context. Although Wenner's own comments are sometimes inspiring and the text is enlightening ("The invention of an entirely new form of perspective was born out of Wenner's need to make an irrefutably original artistic statement within the context of classicism"), I could have done without the layout tricks, including photo captions in obtrusive color bars with faux chalk shadows.

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