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It made perfect sense to me he might have died of natural causes, but little chance he would have killed himself,” Ortel said.“Ortel and Smith shared a common interest in the Clintons.

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While the mainstream media continue probing the Trump/Russia collusion story, they largely ignore two suicides in one week by Clinton would-be whistleblowers.

The one arousing the most suspicion is the ‘suicide’ of former Haitian government figure Klaus Eberwein:“Former Haitian government Klaus Eberwein was found dead in a motel room earlier this week from a gunshot wound to the head.

“To put that in a suicide note as many times as he did and in language that’s not really professional doesn’t sound like him.”“He also noted that many life insurance policies usually exclude payment to beneficiaries in the case of suicide.“He struck me as one of those deeply patriotic, motherhood and apple pie types who cared deeply about this country,” Ortel said of Smith.”Whistleblowers ‘suicided’ by their killers are also buried immediately.

Not just by their sorrowful loved ones but by a media who bury their passing under a mountain of “the Russians stole the election” stories.

That made no sense,” Ortel said.“According to the death certificate, Smith died at pm Central Time on Sunday, May 14.“Ortel said Smith did not appear depressed or give any hints he might be on the verge of taking his life.“Absolutely not,” Ortel said.

“He was excited to learn the particulars of a project we had been discussing.”“Ortel said he was concerned about Smith’s overall health and asked him about it.“On this final call, I had to ask him, saying ‘Look, I want a straight answer, are you OK heath-wise?Ortel, who may have been the last person to speak with Smith prior to his death, told The DCNF there were no indications the wealthy Chicago businessman was about to commit suicide the next day.“It was a friendly chat,” Ortel recalled of the phone conversation that occurred May 13.“But it certainly wasn’t the kind of chat where a person might go out and purchase two helium canisters and put a bag over your head.and Chairperson Debbie Wasserman Schultz at DNC’s headquarters in Washington, D.C., in the fraud class action suit against the Democrat Party on behalf of Bernie Sanders supporters.“Shawn Lucas was found dead that week.“Lucas’ death followed the death of 27 year-old Democratic staffer Seth Conrad Rich who was murdered in Washington DC on July 10th.’ And he said, ‘well I’ve been dealing with some problems.

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