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A type of invisible light that some handsets and other devices can use to communicate. It is an alternative to radio services like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi but requires direct line-of-sight to work.

Every computer connected to the internet is assigned a unique number known as an internet Protocol (IP) address.

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A chatroom or other service where an adult is watching the conversations to make sure they do not break the hosting company's policy on online behaviour.

This may include inappropriate language, the disclosure of personal information or behaviour which is considered dangerous.

Granularity refers to the degree to which users can set permissions with regard to their information, the choices a member can make over who gets to see what information and data they upload or create on a site.

Most services offer basic permissions within broad friend categories: you can share all your information with no-one, with all friends or with everyone (the public).

The second part, after the '@' sign, is the name of the organisation where messages should be sent over the internet.

An agreement on how home computers, internet access and mobile phones will be used.

Should be drawn up and agreed after discussion between family members and posted up next to the family computer or in a communal space. Follow this link to the Family agreement page Copying files over the internet by using software that enables you to use other subscribers' computers like a specialist library.

Usually the files contain music, films or programs, but any sort of file can be shared. Functional permissions are the minimum permissions required by a social networking service in order to do its job: the permissions you need to give to service providers to store and access your data to use your account.

Technology similar to that of chatrooms, which notifies a user when a friend is online, allowing them to ‘converse' by exchanging text messages.

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