Dating epiphone les paul

SCOTT: Yes, my main responsibility is to share my knowledge of building hand crafted musical instruments and work with the management team to continually improve and adhere to Gibson / Epiphone quality standards and specifications.

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SCOTT: Culturally it took a little time to adjust, and particularly to the different cuisine.

Trust me, it’s not the same as the Chinese buffets we know in America.

Epiphone recently spoke with two key employees who play a huge role at the Epiphone factory.

Lloyd Williams serves as General Manager and Director of Asian Manufacturing Gibson China and Scott Lewis is the GQ Plant Manager.

LLOYD: Epiphone, being a part of the Gibson family of brands, is committed to making the world a better place.

So it is only natural we apply this philosophy with the local communities surrounding our GQ facility.

SCOTT: I have worked for Gibson Musical Instruments for the past 19 years having started in the Nashville electric factory in 1988 assembling pickups.

In 1990 I moved over to the Gibson USA ES department producing bodies for models such as the 335 Dot, Lucille , ES-175, ES 265, Howard Roberts and others.

In 2000 I became part of a team that was assembled to establish the new Gibson Memphis facility which now produces the Gibson Hollow Body and ES models.

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