Leader lines excel updating

If a sheet is selected by mistake, click on it a second time - with the key still pressed - to deselect it;4.Use one of the methods outlined above to change the tab color for all selected sheets.

leader lines excel updating-34

But, with a little formatting and some images, you can make your timeline look much more interesting.

You can insert images into Excel charts as well as format a data point marker so that it displays an image.

The template has improved over time through feedback from many users.

You can still make very simple timelines like the one above.

If the tab color has not previously been changed this will be white.

Click with the mouse pointer or use the arrow keys on the keyboard to move the highlight to the desired color in the palette;4.

To help you find specific information in large spreadsheet files, it is often useful to color code the sheet tabs of individual worksheet containing related data - such as sheets one and three in the image above.

Similarly, you can use different colored tabs to differentiate between sheets containing unrelated information.

The options are:key in the sequence below does not have to be held down while the other keys are pressed, as with some keyboard shortcuts. What this set of keystrokes does is activate the ribbon commands.

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