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Therefore, the current study considers sexual risk taking separately for heterosexual and GLBTQ adolescents.In sum, this study fills critical research gaps by assessing the relation between bullying involvement (ie, as a bully, victim, bully-victim, or uninvolved youth) and sexual risk taking.

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However, little is known about relations between bullying involvement and sexual risk-taking behaviors or whether similar patterns hold for heterosexual and gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, or questioning adolescents.

Among adolescents, bullies and bully-victims engaged in more casual sex and sex under the influence than their peers.

Participants were asked questions about their bullying involvement and sexual risk-taking behaviors (ie, engaging in casual sex and having sex while under the influence of alcohol or drugs).

RESULTS: Results indicated that bullies and bully-victims were more likely to engage in casual sex and sex under the influence.

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