Vray error unhandled exception updating render lights preparing lights

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feature=player_embedd...mp;v=d SOa Ox Ua Vj E https:// feature=player_embedd...mp;v=EIEkn8g525QModified features: (*) V-Ray RT GPU: Added support for texture baking with dynamic and displaced geometry; (*) VFB: Added #savemultiimage keyword to the vfb Control() Max Script function that saves all channels into a single multi channel (or .vrimg) file; (*) V-Ray Quick settings: Light cache's Retrace parameter is now controlled by the GI Quality slider; Bug fixes: (*) V-Ray RT: Animated parameters of standard 3ds Max lights were not exported to .vrscene files; (*) V-Ray RT: Fixed animated displacement export when rendering Active Shade; (*) V-Ray RT: Fixed crash when a VRay Light has VRay Comp Tex with no texmap assigned to Source B; (*) V-Ray RT: Fixed crash when there is Hair Farm Renderer atmospheric effect present; (*) V-Ray RT GPU CUDA: Work around an issue with the n Vidia driver versions 352.86 and 353.06; (*) VRay Volume Grid: Fixed a crash when browsing for simulation caches and previously the path has been set to a password protected server location; New features: (*) VRay Volume Grid: Added support for rendering of fluid simulation data (Phoenix FD, Field3D and Open VDB); (*) V-Ray: Added ability to add/remove DR servers on the fly from the Render Progress window; (*) V-Ray: The DR servers list is re-read whenever the vray_file is modified during rendering; (*) V-Ray: Added button to open the V-Ray messages log window; (*) V-Ray: Added camera object properties to control the number of transformation samples for camera motion blur; (*) V-Ray: Added support for 3ds Max 2016, including the new Physical Camera and Physical Camera Exposure Control; (*) V-Ray: Max Script parameter to control the DMC random seed; (*) V-Ray: The V-Ray object properties allow to specify a given map channel as velocity channel (useful with some Alembic importers); (*) V-Ray: Provided tooltip descriptions for most of the renderer settings; (*) V-Ray RT CPU: Support for VRay Environment Fog; (*) V-Ray RT GPU: Added support for Composite map rendering; (*) V-Ray RT GPU: Added support for displacement; (*) V-Ray RT GPU: Added support for VRay Mtl anisotropy; (*) V-Ray RT GPU: Added UDIM tag support; (*) V-Ray RT GPU: Implemented QMC sampling for CUDA engine; (*) V-Ray RT GPU: Initial support for texture baking; (*) V-Ray RT GPU: Support for spherical panorama cameras; (*) V-Ray RT GPU: Added support for 3ds Max Spot and Omni lights Decay and Near/Far Attenuation parameters; (*) V-Ray RT GPU: Added support for textures output Bezier curve output color correction; (*) VRay Proxy: Added better methods for generating viewport preview meshes based on mesh simplification; (*) VRay Proxy: Added Show whole mesh viewport display option; (*) VRay Proxy: Support for exporting the VRay Instancer as a .vrmesh file preserving the instancing; (*) VRay Stereoscopic: Support for stereo spherical/cylindrical panorama cameras; (*) VFB: Added ability to load the render settings for an image from the history window; (*) VFB: Can be zoomed in/out with the regular /-/* keys (useful for remote access from mobile devices); (*) VRay Curvature Map: A new texture similar to VRay Dirt; useful for detecting mesh curvature; (*) VRay Fur: Faster rendering; can now be accelerated by Embree; (*) Hair&Fur: Faster rendering; can now be accelerated by Embree; (*) VRay Instancer: Added ability to override node and V-Ray object properties of the source objects; (*) VRay Instancer: Added parameters to control the random seed, render percentage; (*) VRay Instancer: Added an experimental option for multithreaded instance generation (only for the V-Ray portion of the code); (*) VRay Light: Added a line that shows the orientation of the dome lights in the viewport, it also shows the center of VRay HDRI wrapping; (*) VRay OSLMtl: Added support for vray_subsurface() closure; (*) VRay OSLMtl: Added support for vray_hair() closure; (*) VRay OSLMtl/VRay OSLTex: Support for drop-down controls; (*) VRay HDRI: Added support for loading PNG grayscale with alpha images; (*) Texture baking: Additional bake elements for render to texture: VRay Mtl Reflect IORBake, VRay Reflection Filter Map; (*) V-Ray scene converter: Added initial implementation of conversion of Corona materials and lights; (*) ply2vrmesh: Support for conversion of particles from and files; (*) can assign separate DR nodes to different processor groups; Modified features: (*) V-Ray: Reduced light cache leaks through a new parameter "Leak prevention"; (*) V-Ray: New default settings for the light cache; (*) V-Ray: The GI subdivs multiplier in the V-Ray object properties has been renamed to "Subdivs multiplier" and affects all shading samples for the particular object; (*) V-Ray: The render mask can work with transparent and not Visible to Camera objects along the ray paths; (*) V-Ray: The render mask on selected objects is intersected by VRay Lights; (*) V-Ray: Setting the Global subdivs multiplier to 0.0 does not affect the irradiance map and other reflection/refraction interpolation maps; (*) V-Ray: Added UI view switcher to the Global DMC sampler rollout; (*) V-Ray: Changed the default motion blur duration value to 0.5; (*) V-Ray: Improved handling of meshes and proxies that are invisible to the camera; (*) V-Ray: Speed up of the "transforming vertices" phase in scenes with many objects; (*) V-Ray: Simplified the "default" view of the light cache rollout; (*) V-Ray RT GPU: Added support for Falloff texmap in VRay VRmat Mtl; (*) V-Ray RT GPU: Cleaner glossy reflections from area lights; (*) V-Ray RT GPU: Implemented Light Cache support for motion blurred hairs; (*) V-Ray RT GPU: Implemented more robust common tasks execution, leading to about 10% render speed gain; (*) V-Ray RT GPU: Optimized system CPU memory usage for bitmap textures; (*) V-Ray Toolbar: Changed the default alignment to floating for 3ds Max 2016 and later due to issues with default docking; (*) VFB: Added VRAY_BLENDED_GUI environment variable that, when set to 0, allows to run the VFB in a separate thread like before, otherwise it runs in the 3ds Max main thread by default; (*) VFB: Better contrast function that preserves the black and white points; (*) VFB: The render region coordinates are stored normalized to the image size; (*) VFB: The vfb Control Max Script function supports loading of color correction files; (*) VFB: The vfb Control Max Script function does not cause the VFB to show anymore; (*) VFB: The "Edit comment" window appears under the mouse cursor when shown; (*) VFB: The "Close" button in the "Edit comment" window is changed to "Save and close"; (*) V-Ray Quick settings: Light cache's Pre-filter is no more affected; (*) VRay Car Paint: Added max reflection depth control; (*) VRay Exposure Control: Added Max Script access to the "active" and "process BG" options; (*) VRay Fast SSS2: Changed trace reflections to enabled by default; (*) VRay HDRI: Allow negative values for the U/V Crop/Place parameters in VRay HDRI; (*) VRay HDRI: Added option to generates IFL lists with full file paths rather than relative; (*) VRay HDRI: Faster rendering of tiled textures when the tiled memory limit is reached; (*) VRay HDRI: Improved elliptical filtering; (*) VRay Light: Simplify the interface options layout; (*) VRay Proxy: Instancing for Alembic meshes is enabled by default; (*) VRay Scatter Volume Mtl: Improved calculations; (*) VRay Toon: Added support for layers in the include/exclude list; (*) V-Ray Light Lister: Made the light names fields wider and the list is sorted by the lights names; (*) .vrmesh exporter: Added support for VRay Instancer when "Export each mesh to separate file" option is selected; (*) .vrscene exporter: The render state of objects is exported; (*) Installer: Adding exceptions for applications and ports to the firewall; (*) Lens analyzer: Added ability to generate texture for physical camera distortion map; (*) ply2vrmesh: Preserve UV set names for .geo/files; Bug fixes: (*) V-Ray: Creating VRay Fur either from the V-Ray Toolbar or the menus, was not attaching it to the source object's transformation; (*) V-Ray: Fixed a crash when loading Alembic files containing particles with invalid positions; (*) V-Ray: Fixed a crash when rendering a scripted material that extends a 3ds Max native material; (*) V-Ray: Fixed a crash when rendering primitives with no faces with Embree; (*) V-Ray: Fixed crash when rendering absolutely straight, motion blurred hairs with Embree; (*) V-Ray: Fixed hang if cancelling the render during irradiance map calculation phase when DR; (*) V-Ray: Fixed a random crash at the end of a render if "Get resolution from MAX" option is unchecked; (*) V-Ray: Fixed artifacts when rendering hairs with Embree; (*) V-Ray: Fixed some of the quad menu items registering more than once; (*) V-Ray: Fixed issue where toggling the "Default Lights" option also changed VFB resolution preset; (*) V-Ray: Fixed unhandled exception when doing distributed rendering an animation with any of the irradiance map incremental modes; (*) V-Ray: Standard 3ds Max materials were not rendering with VRay Override Mtl; (*) V-Ray: Writing output with the "Separate render channels" can be interrupted; (*) V-Ray/V-Ray RT CPU: Removed occurring bright pixels with progressive sampling; (*) VRay Physical Camera: Fixed wrong physical camera distortion when distortion map is used; (*) VRay Mtl: Fixed wrong shadows with opacity of VRay Mtl in VRay2sided Mtl in VRay Blend Mtl; (*) V-Ray RT: 3ds Max UI was freezing during and for some time after render to texture with large resolutions; (*) V-Ray RT: Added support for animated UVW coordinates; (*) V-Ray RT: Animation frames were duplicated; (*) V-Ray RT: Changing map channels during Active Shade was not re-exported; (*) V-Ray RT: Divide shading subdivs was not exported; (*) V-Ray RT: Fixed crash due to leaking animated mesh light meshes; (*) V-Ray RT: Fixed crash when VRay Light has Bercon Noise or Bercon Wood texture; (*) V-Ray RT: Fixed incorrectly exported displacement plugin when it is animated; (*) V-Ray RT: Fixed incorrectly exported material names starting with digits; (*) V-Ray RT: Fixed random hang during "Waiting for renderer..." stage when rendering as production renderer; (*) V-Ray RT: Fixed some of the messages in the console appearing on the same line; (*) V-Ray RT: Fixed VFB occasionally freezing during rendering; (*) V-Ray RT: Mesh light was missing if "Replace mesh with light" was off; (*) V-Ray RT: Render server may crash on exit if there is a physical camera in the scene; (*) V-Ray RT: Refraction environment map was used when Reflection/Refraction environment are disabled; (*) V-Ray RT: Removed unnecessary displaced mesh re-exports; (*) V-Ray RT: Rendering stops after VRay Mtl Displace weight is changed; (*) V-Ray RT: Texmap animation was not exported when the texmap was attached to VRay Displacement Mod or Output map; (*) V-Ray RT: The 3ds Max render windows have data from the wrong render element when VRay Mtl Select is used in production rendering; (*) V-Ray RT: The DMC sampler frame data was not updated properly along animation, interfering with Lock noise pattern; (*) V-Ray RT: The Generate caustics option in VRay Wrapper Mtl was not exported; (*) V-Ray RT: The Lock noise pattern option was not exported properly; (*) V-Ray RT: The SSS2 render element was not exported; (*) V-Ray RT: The VFB always pops up when rendering with as production renderer, even if switched off; (*) V-Ray RT: VRay Light with Composite map was rendered black when base layer transparency was 0.0; (*) V-Ray RT: VRay Light Mtl was always emitting on back side; (*) V-Ray RT: VRay Proxy was rendering with frames offset in ping-pong playback mode; (*) V-Ray RT: Wrong Alpha channel when rendering as production renderer and native 3ds Max frame buffer is used; (*) V-Ray RT CPU: The VRay Edges Tex Hidden edges option was ignored; (*) V-Ray RT GPU: Added support for procedural textures attached to VRay Lights; (*) V-Ray RT GPU: Camera vignetting is applied on directly visible VRay Lights in the Alpha channel; (*) V-Ray RT GPU: Fixed crash when restarting the rendering session; (*) V-Ray RT GPU: Fixed crash with VRay Fast SSS2; (*) V-Ray RT GPU: Fixed rendering of VRay Fast SSS2 in the VRay Light Select render element; (*) V-Ray RT GPU: Fixed wrong refraction rendering with VRay VRmat Mtl; (*) V-Ray RT GPU: Fixed wrong shading with mapped reflection glossiness; (*) V-Ray RT GPU: Instanced dome lights with different transformations render wrong; (*) V-Ray RT GPU: Optimized displaced geometry memory usage and skipped unnecessary re-exporting; (*) V-Ray RT GPU: Rect lights were producing incorrect shadow when lit by another rect light; (*) V-Ray RT GPU: VRay Light direct light was clamped with Max ray intensity value; (*) V-Ray RT GPU: VRay Lights did not appear in VRay Self Illumination render element; (*) VFB: Curve color correction control is not updated when loading from file; (*) VFB: Fixed messed image when switching from large image to a smaller one during comparison; (*) VFB: No color corrections are applied in saved render output file; (*) VFB: Some color correction parameters' values were not resetting; (*) VFB: The RGB color is still restored from the lens effects source, even if the lens effects mode is "Render elements only"; (*) V-Ray Quick settings: Fixed issue preventing the loading of custom presets; (*) Hair&Fur: Fixed wrong color of VRay Hair Info Tex in VRay Mtl on motion blurred hairs; (*) Hair&Fur: Fixed occasionally wrong shading results (-1.#IND); (*) VRay2Sided Mtl: Fixed rendering black with "multiply by front diffuse" in certain situations; (*) VRay Clipper: Fixed a crash with multiple clippers one of which has material ID enabled when rendering with V-Ray RT; (*) VRay Dirt: Fixed result affected by the geometry inside the shaded object when invert normal is enabled; (*) VRay Fast SSS2: Fixed a crash when rendering with Object-based illumination map; (*) VRay Hair Mtl: Wrong shading results when blended with VRay Blend Mtl; (*) VRay HDRI: Interpolation and filtering options are not working if "Clear cache on render end" is enabled; (*) VRay IES: Fixed a crash on VRay IES color temperature change with disabled viewport shading; (*) VRay Instancer: Cancelling a render during "Updating instances" causes a crash at the end of the render; (*) VRay Lens Effects: Glare mask was not working when using DR through network rendering jobs; (*) VRay Metaball: Animated parameters of the VRay Metaball object do not update the preview in the viewport; (*) VRay Metaball: Changing Particle inputs for VRay Metaballs via Max Script doesn't refresh in UI automatically; (*) VRay Mtl: Fixed GTR/GGX wrong results when GTR tail falloff is different from 2.0; (*) VRay Mtl: Fixed GTR/GGX invalid results with glossiness value of 1.0; (*) VRay Mtl: The "Affect channels" option for refraction doesn't work when dispersion is enabled; (*) VRay Ornatrix Mod: Fixed a crash when using Bitmap texture with sequence for Thickness map in Render settings; (*) VRay Ornatrix Mod: Ox Render Settings were not applied to the exact group specified in the modifier; (*) VRay OSLMtl/VRay OSLTex: Fixed the tab order for shader parameters controls; (*) VRay Physical Camera: Camera tilt parameters are not properly updated in the viewport for hidden cameras; (*) VRay Proxy: Slow import of proxy meshes with the weld option on; (*) VRay VRmat Mtl: Fixed bug when exporting textures that have no tiling disabling and mapping type set to Explicit map channel; (*) .vrscene exporter: Rendering exported animation scenes should append frame numbers to the output images; (*) ply2vrmesh: Fixed conversion of PRT files with many particles; Modified features: (*) V-Ray RT GPU: Added support for Vertex Color texture; (*) V-Ray RT GPU: Basic support for rendering VRay Dirt texmap; (*) VRay Metaball: Added support for Max Script vector color source; (*) VRay Proxy: Force first map channel option disabled by default; (*) .vrmesh viewer: Added a slider controlling the point size of particles; (*) .vrmesh viewer: Enabled Open GL point smoothing only when the point size is greater than 1.0; Bug fixes: (*) V-Ray: Fixed 3ds Max 2015 with Extension 2 crash on remote DR hosts; (*) V-Ray: Fixed hairs smooth normals rendering with V-Ray Standalone; (*) V-Ray: Fixed Max Script VFB functions not working when V-Ray RT set as production renderer; (*) V-Ray RT: Added export of GI ambient occlusion parameters; (*) V-Ray RT: Fixed export of "sample lookup" Irradiance Map parameter; (*) V-Ray RT: Fixed not exporting the default geometry type for objects with type set to Default in the V-Ray object properties; (*) V-Ray RT GPU: Fixed crash when UVW coordinates are invalid; (*) V-Ray RT GPU: Fixed crash with refractive overlapping faces; (*) V-Ray RT GPU: Fixed Light Cache loading on DR hosts; (*) VFB: Apply color corrections even when rendering to file; (*) VFB: Fixed crash caused by Na N output values with Curve color correction; (*) VFB: Fixed wrong time stamp when loading images from history; (*) VRay Clipper: Fixed artifacts near the edges of intersection surfaces; (*) VRay HDRI: Fixed "Match Bitmap Size as Closely as Possible" 3ds Max option to work for VRay HDRI with Legacy Direct3D driver; (*) VRay HDRI: Fixed viewport preview not working for map channels differing from 1; (*) V-Ray RT: Fixed crash when disc light has VRay Color for texture; (*) V-Ray RT: Fixed issue with multiple disc lights with different colors rendering only the color of the first light; (*) VRay Proxy: Fixed crash with displacement when no vertex normals are present; (*) ply2vrmesh: Fixed conversion from Alembic particles, that was causing crash during rendering; Bug fixes: (*) V-Ray: Fixed random crashes due to Windows messages processing, happening mostly with 3ds Max 2012, but not only; (*) V-Ray: Fixed wrong rendering of dynamic geometry with opacity using Embree; (*) V-Ray: Work around Royal Renderer's renderer window handling; (*) V-Ray RT: Fixed crash with scenes with many plugin instanced objects; (*) V-Ray RT: Fixed crash when rendering as production renderer with UI preset is selected; (*) V-Ray RT: Fixed random crash in CUDA engine; (*) V-Ray RT: Fixed random hang during "Starting RT render server..." phase; (*) V-Ray RT: Redirected log messages to appear in the Message Log window for production renderer; (*) V-Ray RT CPU: Fixed rendering hanging at Light Cache pass when using SSS2 on CUDA CPU; (*) V-Ray RT GPU: Fixed darkening in corners when using the light cache with "retrace" option; (*) V-Ray RT GPU: Fixed not reflecting highlight glossiness; (*) VRay Instancer: Fixed crash when the source object(s) do not have any materials applied; (*) VRay Mtl/VRay Light: Fixed crash on 3ds Max 2012 and older when showing the DMC samples; (*) VRay Physical Camera: Bitmap aperture was producing black renders; (*) VRay Scanned Mtl: Fixed license checkout fail in DR mode; (*) VRay Scanned Mtl: Fixed memory leak when no input file was provided; (*) setvrlservice: Fixed help text for "-password" option; New features: (*) V-Ray: Further optimizations for render speed; (*) Updated to Open EXR 2.2.0 and added new DWA compression options to VRay Options Re; (*) Support for point cloud rendering in 3ds Max 2015; (*) Built-in DMC samples calculator for VRay Light, VRay Mtl and brute force GI; (*) .vrmesh viewer: Added a .vrmesh viewer tool for previewing .vrmesh and Alembic files in a standalone Open GL application; (*) Embree: Update to Embree 2.3; (*) Embree: Proxies and instances can now be accelerated by Embree; (*) V-Ray: Added "GI filter multiplier" option to the Global switches rollout to control texture filtering for GI rays for VRay HDRI; (*) V-Ray: Embree can now accelerate hair rendering for Ornatrix and Hair Farm; (*) V-Ray: Secondary matte environment background slot to control the appearance of matte objects in reflections/refractions; (*) V-Ray: When created, V-Ray will automatically load a preset named "default" if there is one (allows for customized default values); (*) V-Ray RT: Added support for the Mask texture map; (*) V-Ray RT: Support for Carbon Scatter; (*) V-Ray RT: Support for the V-Ray VFB for Active Shade session; (*) V-Ray RT CPU: Support for the VRay Clipper object; (*) V-Ray RT CPU: Support for Ornatrix and Hair Farm rendering; (*) V-Ray RT GPU: Support for using the light cache for GPU rendering; (*) V-Ray RT GPU: Support for coherent tracing (may improve rendering performance); (*) V-Ray RT GPU CUDA: Support for the n Vidia Maxwell GPU architecture; (*) V-Ray RT GPU CUDA: Support for the VRay Fast SSS2 material; (*) V-Ray RT GPU CUDA: Initial support for hair rendering for Ornatrix and Hair Farm; (*) V-Ray RT GPU CUDA: On-the-fly recompilation of the GPU kernel to include only features used by the particular scene; (*) VFB: Ability to dock/undock History window and Color Corrections window to the main VFB window; (*) VFB: Added highlight burn color correction to the VFB; (*) VFB: Added "background image" color correction to the VFB; (*) VFB: Added white balance color correction; (*) VFB: Added the ability to save multi-channel .vrimg and Open EXR files from the VFB UI; (*) VFB: Added the ability to load arbitrary file formats in the V-Ray VFB for post-processing; (*) VRay Instancer: Implement a new geometric plugin for instancing objects on a Particle Flow and other particle systems; (*) VRay HDRI: Added image preview in the file open dialog; (*) VRay HDRI: Added controls to specify UDIM/UVTILE tiles for the preview in material editor; (*) VRay HDRI: Added support for elliptical texture filtering; (*) VRay Scatter Volume Mtl: Greatly improved calculations; ability to use the light cache; (*) VRay Scanned Mtl: Support rendering of scanned real-world BRDF materials; (*) VRay Proxy: Support for hair and particle instances; (*) VRay Proxy: Support for subdivision objects in Alembic files using Open Subdiv; (*) VRay Light: Disc light shape; (*) VRay Light, VRay IES, VRay Sun: Added parameters to control the diffuse and specular contributions separately; (*) VRay Light Select render element: Added "mode" parameter to allow extracting the full/raw/diffuse/specular contribution of specific lights; (*) VRay Mtl: Added GGX BRDF model; (*) VRay Mtl: Added clip opacity mode option for faster rendering of trees etc; (*) VRay Multi Sub Tex: Extended with new randomized modes for choosing colors; (*) VRay Velocity render element: Added include/exclude list; (*) ply2vrmesh: Added export options to export specified frames to separate files; (*) ply2vrmesh: Added Alembic frame offset output to the files; (*) ply2vrmesh: Added option to merge two or more .vrmesh files into one; (*) vrimg2exr: Added -multi Part option to vrimg2exr that produces an Open EXR 2 file with each render element in its own "part"; Modified features: (*) V-Ray: Added an option to open the V-Ray messages window on error or warning only; (*) V-Ray: Added by Object IDs selection method for Render mask; (*) V-Ray: Added Max Script access to the Trace sets include/exclude flag; (*) V-Ray: Added %num Passes and %num Subdivs stamp keywords; (*) V-Ray: "Camera Motion Blur" is controlled independently on "Motion Blur" setting; (*) V-Ray: Embree enabled by default; (*) V-Ray: Improved render speed when not using any render elements; (*) V-Ray: Light cache "Use for glossy rays" option is enabled by default; (*) V-Ray: Optimized hair rendering in general; (*) V-Ray: Reduced memory usage for hair and particles; (*) V-Ray: Renamed the "Time independent" option to "Lock noise pattern" in the DMC sampler rollout; (*) V-Ray: The default GI methods are set to Brute force/Light cache; (*) V-Ray: The default image sampler set to Progressive; (*) V-Ray: The image sampler parameters rollout is unfolded by default; (*) V-Ray: VFB is cleared always when doing network rendering with render mask; (*) V-Ray RT: Added support for animated rotation of VRay HDRI; (*) V-Ray RT: Added support for the 3ds Max default lights in production mode; (*) V-Ray RT: Added support for VRay Hair Info Tex; (*) V-Ray RT: Added support for VRay Lens Effects object selection (Intensity, Object ID and Material ID); (*) V-Ray RT: Adjust the width of the Active Shade renderer UI to match the standard width of the production renderer; (*) V-Ray RT: Clear the VFB when the camera is moved; (*) V-Ray RT: Frameless progressive and RT rendering, which provides for earlier preview passes; (*) V-Ray RT: Implemented export of the Area AA filter settings to .vrscene files; (*) V-Ray RT: Improved refresh speed; (*) V-Ray RT: Properly show statistics with region renders; (*) V-Ray RT: Removed the Show Mask option from the user interface, the mask is written in VRay Sample Rate render element for the progressive sampler; (*) V-Ray RT: Remove Active Shade related settings from the UI when used as production renderer; (*) V-Ray RT: When V-Ray RT is used as a production renderer, hide unused render settings; (*) V-Ray RT GPU: Added support for Crop/Place parameters of the Bitmap texture; (*) V-Ray RT GPU: Added support for the Flip Red/Green options of the standard Normal Bump texmap; (*) V-Ray RT GPU: Added support for the Visibility parameter in the 3ds Max Object properties; (*) V-Ray RT GPU: CUDA driver API errors are replaced with more meaningful error messages; (*) VFB: Improved anaglyph stereoscopic preview to reduce retinal rivalry; (*) VFB: Improved initialization speed of the History window when there are a lot of images in the history; (*) VFB: The vfb Control Max Script function returns values for the commands that have states; (*) VFB: Made the History window compliant with the 3ds Max color theme; (*) .vrscene exporter: Added combo box to select between Scene Animation/Frame range, the latter remembers the start/end values; (*) VRay2Sided Mtl: Added ability to filter the translucency effect through the diffuse color of the front-facing side; (*) VRay Clipper: More robust and faster algorithm is used; (*) VRay Dirt: Added "double sided" option; (*) VRay Dirt: The distribution parameter can now take negative values for more defined edges; (*) VRay Fast SSS2: Added opacity texture slot; (*) VRay Hair Farm Mod and VRay Ornatrix Mod: Faster rendering of hair; (*) VRay HDRI: Added Max Script access to "coords" parameters; (*) VRay Light: Added the ability to display the light name in the viewport; (*) VRay Light: Somewhat faster sampling of rectangle lights; (*) VRay Mtl: Multiple layers of glass rendered with noise; (*) VRay OSLMtl/VRay OSLTex: Improved shader cache logic, now the compiled shaders reside entirely in a memory buffer; (*) VRay OSLMtl/VRay OSLTex: Removed dependency of shader name on the shader file name; (*) VRay Proxy: Export texture coordinates for .vrmesh preview, if preview mesh is specified; (*) VRay Proxy: Same proxies are automatically instantiated; (*) VRay Proxy: Show proxy color set names in Vertex Color texture "Channel Name" list; (*) VRay Proxy: Show the extra color channels from Alembic files in the "Channel Name" drop-down of Vertex Color maps applied to the proxy object; (*) VRay Proxy: Support for Material ID channel when rendering with point clouds; (*) VRay Shadow: Made the U, V, W Area shadow sizes animatable in the VRay Shadows params rollout; Bug fixes: (*) Progressive sampler: Adaptive image sampling based on the Noise threshold did not work correctly; (*) Progressive sampler: Fixed crash with region rendering and sample rate render element; (*) Progressive sampler: Switch to s RGB color mapping for AA, leading to faster sampling; (*) Crashes with building the SD tree in specific scene; (*) Render mask was not exported to .vrscene files; (*) DR: X-Ref scenes were not transferred with DR option "Transfer missing assets"; (*) Fixed incorrect depth with camera motion blur for deep image output; (*) Fixed 3ds Max crashes when pressing the "Last VFB" button with V-Ray RT set as Production renderer; (*) Fixed a crash with "Render to fields" enabled on 3ds Max 2012; (*) Fixed unhandled exception error when rendering geometry imported from Revit; (*) Fixed render crash with Pro Boolean scene geometry; (*) Fixed slow SD tree build on many-core machines; (*) V-Ray: DR hosts saved in scene were appended to the hosts list and used for consequent renderers; (*) V-Ray: Fixed Embree crash on AMD machines; (*) V-Ray: Fixed Embree crashes with specific scenes; (*) V-Ray: Fixed incorrect rendering of 3ds Max Populate with motion blur with Embree; (*) V-Ray: Fixed a crash when rendering a scene with Particle Flow that is not generating geometry; (*) V-Ray: Fixed a crash with VRay Fur density map when rendering with V-Ray RT or Standalone; (*) V-Ray: Fixed image Sampler_render Mask_texmap Max Script property name; (*) V-Ray: Fixed issue where VRay Mtl's "Affect all channels" affects matte surfaces visible through refractive objects; (*) V-Ray: Fixed light leaks when rendering bump mapping on surfaces that face away from the light; (*) V-Ray: Fixed Render mask with Light Cache as secondary GI engine, causes darker final result; (*) V-Ray: Fixed rendering wrong object when render selection mask is used with object that has Renderable property disabled; (*) V-Ray: Fixed tiled EXR clipping to half-float precision; (*) V-Ray: Fixed wrong error message "error: Auto-backup is enabled at file..." appearing when license is not found; (*) V-Ray: Fixed wrong Irradiance Map buckets appearing from the DR render hosts; (*) V-Ray: Max Script V-Ray ".image Sampler_normal_threshold" parameter's name was ".image Samper_normal_threshold"; (*) V-Ray: Removed artifacts caused by overlapping geometry with disable Visible To Camera option for hairs; (*) V-Ray: Strand index was not returned to shaders (e.g.

feature=player_embedd...mp;v=r Cud ZEa BPDk https:// feature=player_embedd...mp;v=Sj SIkl B7F58 https:// Ox Hair); (*) V-Ray RT: Adaptive image sampling based on the Noise threshold did not work correctly; (*) V-Ray RT: Added support for the color mode parameter; (*) V-Ray RT: Camera movement was not updated if motion blur Duration was smaller than 1.0; (*) V-Ray RT: Fixed no motion blur when the rendered frame is the last of the range and the keyframe is beyond the range; (*) V-Ray RT: Fixed progress window update; (*) V-Ray RT: Fixed rendering of scenes containing objects with many primitives and many texture mapping channels at the same time; (*) V-Ray RT: Fixed updating of GI depth parameter; (*) V-Ray RT: Fixed wrong camera field of view with network rendering; (*) V-Ray RT: Hair is rendered with preview counts even when using V-Ray RT as production renderer; (*) V-Ray RT: Rendering was not finished when Don't render (just export) option was enabled; (*) V-Ray RT: The "Scatter coeff" and "Fwd/bck coeff" parameters of VRay Mtl are swapped; (*) V-Ray RT: The "Min shading rate" parameter was not exported to .vrscene files; (*) V-Ray RT: VRay Fur was exported with wrong coordinates instead of the Source object's; (*) V-Ray RT: VRay Hair Mtl was not listed with compatible materials in the material editor; (*) V-Ray RT: VRay Sun was replaced by another object, when linked to it; (*) V-Ray RT: When "dynamic tesselation" was turned on, the hairs UVs were lost; (*) V-Ray RT: When V-Ray RT was used as a production renderer, output images were saved without alpha channel; (*) V-Ray RT GPU: CUDA engine could not render VRay Flakes Mtl unless VRay Car Paint Mtl is was present in the scene; (*) V-Ray RT GPU: Did not fully utilize the GPU after certain noise level was reached; (*) V-Ray RT GPU: Direct light render elements were rendering black if GI depth was 0; (*) V-Ray RT GPU: Falloff texture was rendering wrong (greenish); (*) V-Ray RT GPU: Fixed crash with V-Ray RT GPU on scenes with more than 100 lights; (*) V-Ray RT GPU: Fixed crash with Normal map assigned to Mix map that is assigned to Bump map slot; (*) V-Ray RT GPU: Fixed crash with VRay OSLMtl; (*) V-Ray RT GPU: Fixed handling of environment override maps intensity multipliers; (*) V-Ray RT GPU: Fixed inverted bump effect when using bitmap in VRay Normal Map; (*) V-Ray RT GPU: Fixed memory leak; (*) V-Ray RT GPU: Fixed Fresnel texmap shading; (*) V-Ray RT GPU: Fixed render server crash when changing materials of VRay Proxy; (*) V-Ray RT GPU: Fixed some render elements cause others data shift in the wrong channel; (*) V-Ray RT GPU: Global illumination BF/LC setup was rendering differently than on the CPU; (*) V-Ray RT GPU: Multi/Sub-Object material was not wrapping the IDs for static meshes; (*) V-Ray RT GPU: VRay Mtls bump multiplier was not working with VRay Normal Map; (*) V-Ray mesh exporter: Fixed crash when exporting point clouds with "lowest level point size" Modified features: (*) V-Ray scene converter: Added option to convert the standard cameras to VRay Physical Camera; (*) V-Ray Quick settings: Added preset delete button; (*) VRay Distance Tex: Replaced the texmap preview in the material editor slot with a generic but faster rendering one; (*) VRay Fast SSS2: Added color mode control; (*) VRay Hair Mtl: Added light_multiplier parameter; (*) VRay Mesh Geom: Updated V-Ray SDK example project; (*) VRay OSLMtl/VRay OSLTex: Added support for tweak parameters tooltips display in material editor; (*) VRay OSLMtl/VRay OSLTex: Made the default file extension; (*) VRay Proxy: Added support for UV channels with negative indices; Bug fixes: (*) VRay BPTracer: Fixed a crash in a specific scene; (*) Fixed artifacts in certain situations with irradiance map and area lights with "Affect reflections" turned off; (*) V-Ray: Added "faces Per Voxel" and "one Voxel Per Mesh" parameters to the .vrmesh exporter; (*) V-Ray: Fixed a crash when reading mip-map levels for non-square textures; (*) V-Ray: Fixed a crash when rendering geometry with incorrect faces; (*) V-Ray: Fixed a crash when rendering objects with Linked XForm and motion blur; (*) V-Ray: Fixed a crash when rendering with empty layer as render selection mask; (*) V-Ray: Fixed a crash when switching RT and Production after changing VRay Color parameters while RT was running; (*) V-Ray: Fixed a crash with XMesh having very large surface normals; (*) V-Ray: Fixed a random crash in scenes saved with region rendering enabled; (*) V-Ray: Fixed artifacts when rendering with mapped IOR; (*) V-Ray: Fixed crash with VRay Ptex due to incorrect mesh data; (*) V-Ray: Fixed memory allocation for non-tiled bitmaps; (*) V-Ray: Fixed rare crash with progressive image sampling initialization; (*) V-Ray: Fixed rare crash with progressive image sampling and noise threshold greater than 0.0; (*) V-Ray: Fixed Embree rendering on machines with lower versions of SSE support; (*) V-Ray: Fixed export of multiple splines to .vrmesh through Max Script; (*) V-Ray: Optimized geometry traversing on multi-core machines; (*) V-Ray: Fixed "No GI on other mattes" option; (*) V-Ray: Fixed "Max ray intensity" not working for the first glossy reflection; (*) V-Ray: Fixed rendering of "Matte for reflect/refraction" objects; (*) .vrscene exporter: Added point cloud export parameters; (*) .vrscene exporter: Fixed animation settings persistence between export sessions; (*) .vrscene exporter: Frame range is not written into .vrscene files when exporting animations; (*) .vrscene exporter: The "Strip paths" option didn't affect VRay Proxy objects; (*) .vrscene exporter: Some options didn't work as expected; (*) V-Ray RT: Animated "focus distance" parameter was not exported; (*) V-Ray RT: Fixed a crash when Active Shade is rendering simultaneously with material editor's swatches; (*) V-Ray RT: Fixed color mapping improperly applied twice when sub-pixel was enabled; (*) V-Ray RT: Fixed the "Make V-Ray RT Animation Preview" command to save images when rendering with VFB; (*) V-Ray RT: Fixed the On parameter support for 3ds Max lights; (*) V-Ray RT: Fixed rendering sequence through animated camera, subsequent frames were wrong; (*) V-Ray RT GPU: Fixed a crash with animated meshes, during Active Shade session; (*) V-Ray RT GPU: Fixed a crash with animated proxies, during Active Shade session; (*) V-Ray RT GPU: Fixed an issue causing lights disappearance when moving dynamic geometry during Active Shade rendering; (*) V-Ray RT GPU: Fixed slow "Compiling geometry" with Forest Pro; (*) V-Ray RT GPU: "Trace depth" parameter was ignored; (*) V-Ray RT CPU: VRay Fast SSS2 with raytraced single scattering and Direct light renders differently from production renderer; (*) V-Ray Standalone: VFB history autosave was always enabled; (*) V-Ray Quick settings: Fixed non-Quick Settings custom presets handling; (*) V-Ray VFB: Ability to set the bloom "shape" parameter for the lens effects to larger values that 40; (*) V-Ray VFB: Add a #hide keyword to the vfb Control() command to close the VFB after a command is executed; (*) VRay Clipper: Fixed include/exclude with grouped objects and hairs; (*) VRay Fast SSS2: Fixed incorrect results with raytraced multiple scattering and raytraced single scattering; (*) VRay Hair Farm Mod: Fixed a crash when rendering multiple hair instances; (*) VRay Light: Fixed artifacts occurring with irradiance map and "affect reflections" in certain situations; (*) VRay Light Meter: Fixed viewport representation in 3ds Max 2015; (*) VRay Ornatrix Mod/VRay Hair Farm Mod: Fixed velocity render element; (*) VRay OSLMtl/VRay OSLTex: Fixed not-working "Open in External Editor" command for 3ds Max 2012 and previous; (*) VRay Physical Camera: Fixed undo of "Guess vert/horiz tilt" buttons; (*) VRay Proxy: Fixed artifacts when rendering with motion blur; (*) VRay Proxy: Prevent unneeded reading proxy particle widths for preview; (*) VRay Stereoscopic: Render elements were outputting left channel only image files through 3ds Max rendered image window; Bug fixes: (*) V-Ray: "Direct visualization" of the caustics photon map does not work properly with VRay Environment Fog; (*) V-Ray: Freeze at render start with memory frame buffer and very large resolutions; (*) VRay Proxy: Fixed crash with Nitrous in 3ds Max 2015 with a scene created with an older version of V-Ray; (*) VRay Stereoscopic: Fixed crash when outputting Deep EXR with "Previous render" set to anything but "Unchanged"; Modified features: (*) V-Ray: Added option to the .vrmesh exporter to automatically create a Multi/Sub-Object material when exporting multiple objects in a single file; (*) V-Ray RT: Added lights include/exclude lists support; (*) V-Ray RT: Added statistics when using the VFB; (*) V-Ray RT: Implemented showing Safe Frame when rendering in a viewport; (*) VRay Proxy: Added option to render particles as points; (*) VRay Proxy: Added option to enable/disable Alembic full names support in the visibility lists; (*) VRay Proxy: Added support for hair and particles color channels from Alembic; (*) VRay Proxy: Make the "Animation offset" parameter animatable; (*) VRay Bump2Normal is now included in the V-Ray installation; (*) VFB: Added support for the "track mouse" option while rendering for progressive sampling and V-Ray RT; (*) VFB: The Lens Effects 3ds Max Effect plugin settings are now applied only when the 3ds Max rendered image window is used, as it clashes with the VFB Lens Effects settings; (*) VFB: Lens effects - the default glare type changed to "From render camera"; (*) VFB: When the "mono" button of the VFB is pressed, the computed intensity is now based on the selected R/G/B components only; (*) VRay VRmat Mtl: Material exporter support for VRay Blend Mtl; (*) VRay VRmat Mtl: Material exporter support for Checker and Falloff textures; Bug fixes: (*) Global subdivs multiplier should be able to go down to zero; (*) Hair&Fur/VRay Ornatrix Mod/VRay Hair Farm Mod: Fixed assigned materials order when rendering with multiple hair nodes and having some of them hidden; (*) Fixed a Max Script system exception error when cancelling the creation of a VRay Light from the V-Ray toolbar; (*) Fixed issues with VRay Lights and Fume FX with illumination map; (*) Embree: Fixed a crash with XMesh and motion blur; (*) DR: Rendering in DR mode with "Use local host" unchecked demanded a render node license; (*) DR: The "Save hosts in scene" option was not always working correctly when rendering with DR through Backburner; (*) V-Ray: Prevent raw image output, when enabled but empty path is provided; (*) V-Ray: Reflection/Refraction trace sets' Clear button was cleaning both of the lists; (*) V-Ray: Reflection/Refraction trace sets were not working in inclusive mode; (*) V-Ray RT: Fixed a crash when undoing delete of Forest Pro geometry while Active Shade rendering; (*) V-Ray RT: Fixed support of Material Frequency Particle Flow operator when rendering as production renderer; (*) V-Ray RT: Progressive sampler settings were not exported in .vrscene files; (*) V-Ray RT: VRay Particle Tex was not translated; (*) V-Ray RT: Region rendering with the V-Ray VFB did not work when using V-Ray RT as production renderer; (*) V-Ray RT: The translucency parameters of VRay Mtl are not exported; (*) V-Ray RT/GPU: Lens effects source channel was incorrect when re-rendering as production renderer; (*) VRay BPTracer: Bucket outlines left in VFB after rendering end; (*) VRay Displacement Mod: Fixed a very slow rendering when Noise texture with animated parameter was used; (*) VRay Clipper: Fixed clipper's material channel ID appearance in Multi Matte render element; (*) VRay GLSLMtl/VRay GLSLTex: Fixed smoothstep output values outside the interpolation range; (*) VRay GLSLMtl/VRay GLSLTex: Newly opened shaders were not added to the recent files history after clearing history; (*) VRay OSLMtl/VRay OSLTex: Newly opened shaders were not added to the recent files history after clearing history; (*) VRay OSLTex: Fixed crash when assigned to dome VRay Light; (*) VRay Proxy: Fixed crash with corrupt .vrmesh files with large number of voxels; (*) VRay Proxy: Fixed wrong rendering of multiple instances with particles/hairs; (*) VRay Proxy: Optimized loading of scene with many Alembic proxies; (*) VRay Proxy: Optimized preview voxel loading routine; (*) VRay Proxy: Skip proxy preview calculations if zero number of faces/hairs/particles is provided; (*) VRay Ptex: Changing PTex cache size had no effect on rendering, 100 MB was always used; (*) VRay Ptex: Added an option for turning off anisotropic filtering for PTex textures; (*) VRay Stereoscopic: Rendering shade map sequences could cause crashes; (*) VRay IES: Fixed crash after VRay IES light was created in 3D snap mode and 3ds Max was Reset; (*) VRay Light: Fixed "Lock to dome orientation" option to work for nested textures; (*) VFB: V-Ray did not write .vrimg/files if "Generate preview" was enabled, and "Memory frame buffer" was turned off; (*) VFB: The progressive sampler was not creating a raw .vrimg/file; (*) VFB: The Lens Effects were not applied to images loaded from the history; (*) VFB: The Lens Effects were not stored in the output file; (*) VRay Extra Tex: Cloning VRay Extra Tex element didn't clone the include/exclude list; (*) VRay GLSLMtl/VRay GLSLTex: Ensure all user defined global variables are initialized to zero; (*) VRay GLSLMtl/VRay GLSLTex: Shader source files were not shown in the Asset Tracker; (*) VRay OSLMtl/VRay OSLTex: Shader source files were not shown in the Asset Tracker; (*) vrimg2exr: Fixed batch conversion output names generation; Bug fixes: (*) Fixed more cases of stuck buckets with GI; (*) Wrong render results when using camera DOF and motion blur at the same time; (*) V-Ray RT GPU: Open CL engine was not working; (*) VRay Physical Camera: Fixed camera creation unhides hidden lights; Bug fixes: (*) Fixed stuck buckets due to long GI paths in certain cases; (*) Fixed stuck buckets with dynamic geometry with mixed static and motion-blurred geometry; (*) Fixed texmap slots of some of the V-Ray texmaps did not refresh immediately when a new map is connected to them; (*) Fixed Na N pixels in certain cases with Noise texture used as displacement map on a large plane; (*) Fixed Na N pixels in certain scenes with 3ds Max Fog atmospheric effect; (*) Fixed Na N pixels when a bump texture returned a Na N normal; (*) Updated DLL version numbers; (*) Improved motion blur raycast accelerator for fast rotating objects; (*) Fixed rare crashes when preparing scenes with many mesh lights; (*) VRay Ornatrix Mod and VRay Hair Farm Mod: Fixed different dynamic tessellation with and without motion blur; (*) VRay Physical Camera: LENS files were not auto-transferred for DR; (*) VFB: Apply inverse gamma correction when loading an image with 8-bit colors; (*) VFB: Color balance and HSL corrections were applied after display corrections like s RGB instead of before; (*) VFB: Fixed crash with curve color correction when there were Na N pixels in the image; (*) VFB: Color balance correction could produce strange results with HDR colors; (*) VFB: Fixed crash with deep output in certain situations; (*) VFB: Fixed global presets loading the s RGB/ICC button state; (*) VFB: Fixed a crash when loading image after 3ds Max reset; (*) VFB: Lens effects were applied twice when changing the Mode and Type settings; (*) VFB: Lens effects were not applied on images loaded from the VFB history; (*) VRay Hair Mtl: Fixed cut-off look of the material in the Material Editor; (*) Render mask: Further improvements with multithreading; (*) Render mask: Disabled GI preview to prevent artifacts along the selection borders; (*) VRay Clipper: Fixed unexpected behavior when linked to other objects; (*) VRay Map: Artifacts with environment override in the texture; (*) V-Ray RT CPU: Phoenix FD did not update in mesher mode when changing frames; (*) V-Ray RT CPU: Stereo mode did not work correctly; (*) V-Ray RT GPU: Crash when trying to render an object with GLSL material; (*) V-Ray RT GPU: Fixed bump mapping with Fresnel reflections; (*) V-Ray RT GPU: Fixed bump mapping with tiled texture; Bug fixes: (*) Render mask: Improved performance with threads number scaling; (*) Fixed slower rendering of scenes with dynamic meshes on many-core machines compared to V-Ray 2.4; (*) Fixed updating of texmap buttons on some V-Ray texmaps when connecting them in slate material editor; (*) Fixed crash when rendering with 3ds Max frame buffer, V-Ray Stereoscopic's "Adjust resolution" enabled and DR; (*) Fixed crash with the "Previous render" option in the render settings when render elements were enabled; (*) Fixed issue where the "Check for missing maps" option was breaking the animation export for particle systems; (*) Fixed Na N pixels in certain cases when a 3ds Max Bitmap is used as a spherical environment; (*) Fixed long irradiance map calculation times in specific cases with matte objects and "Retrace" light cache option enabled; (*) VRay HDRI: did not work with the Default Scanline renderer with mapping channels different from 1; (*) VRay User Color/VRay User Scalar: User properties for standalone plugin were not read correctly; (*) VRay VRmat Mtl: Fixed crash in the VRMat editor in certain builds when previewing materials in the editor; (*) VRay Light Mtl: A helper meshlight was not created in the same layer as the object's when "Direct illumination" was on; (*) VRay Object Select: Fixed displaying of include/exclude lists editor on vray VFB check/uncheck; (*) V-Ray RT: Fixed issue where rendering particle systems was breaking the rendering of motion blur; (*) V-Ray RT: VRay HDRI was not working as bump map; (*) V-Ray RT GPU: Fixed crash in V-Ray standalone when moving dynamic geometry with motion blur enabled; (*) V-Ray RT GPU: Fixed driver crash with dynamic motion blurred geometry; (*) V-Ray RT GPU: Fixed artifacts with area lights; Bug fixes: (*) Installer: Fixed previous installation license settings acquisition, local license was assumed always; (*) Render mask: Fixed rendering with DR; (*) "V-Ray VFB" quad menu command was not showing the VFB in Active Shade mode; (*) V-Ray: Fixed handling of tiled textures with mip-map levels that fit into one tile as produced by txmake; (*) V-Ray: Fixed rare crash when cancelling a render with tiled textures; (*) V-Ray: The render region height parameter was not always updated correctly when locked to the width; (*) VRay HDRI: Fixed slower reading of Open EXR files compared to previous V-Ray versions; (*) VRay HDRI: Fixed a crash with PSD textures with all layers hidden; (*) VRay Mtl Wrapper: Fixed crash when a Multi/Sub-Object material is used as a base material; (*) VRay BPTracer: Fixed rendering of camera motion blur; (*) VRay GLSLMtl/VRay GLSLTex: Fixed crash with "discard" statement when using uniform global variables; (*) VRay OSLMtl/VRay OSLTex: Reverted to OSL 1.3 as some input parameters were not updated properly; (*) VRay Light Select: Fixed erroneously disabled Remove button when more than one VRay Light Select render elements were present; (*) VRay Fake Fresnel: Moved to the V-Ray category for textures; (*) VRay Proxy: Fixed proxy selection in viewport, objects behind were selected instead; (*) V-Ray RT: Fixed rendering of animated materials attached to Multi/Sub-Object material; (*) V-Ray RT GPU: Fixed incorrect mapping of baked procedural textures; (*) V-Ray RT GPU: VRay Dirt in VRay Extra Tex render element did not render properly; (*) imapviewer: Reduced the number of messages that are printed to the standard output when merging large irradiance map files; New features: (*) A V-Ray toolbar provides quick access to common V-Ray features; (*) Redirected all help links to the new official help web site; (*) V-Ray RT CPU: Support for VRay Dirt, VRay Fast SSS2, VRay Skin Mtl materials; (*) VRay Environment Fog: Added an option for deep output to Open EXR 2 and files; (*) ply2vrmesh: Added ability to convert particles from Alembic files to .vrmesh files; Modified features: (*) For 3ds Max 2014, all related V-Ray files have been renamed to xxxx2014 (f.e.

If the message "Could not obtain a license" appears, then either V-Ray has no access to the license server (if -200 appears at the end of the message) or no license is available (if -98 appears).

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