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Many people have some inconsistencies between their ideals and reality.

Even the most outspoken prideful employee might not curse out his boss and so lose his job if the worker has children in an expensive private school.

Eli Stone is an American legal comedy-drama TV series, named for its title character.

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The “lifestyle brand” even has a cute vintage coffee truck. He raves about how he adored and appreciated Sarah’s kindness on the show but held back at saying ANYTHING nice about Kim Cattrall.

Ralph Lauren is the first fashion brand to launch a coffee and omigosh, we predict they started something BIG! WE have never met anyone who didn’t love Sarah and our personal experience with her has always been delightful.

Later Chris said that Eddie was the funniest – and the group spent a lot of time figuring out how they can get into Black Panther 2.

Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA You can always count on Helena Bonham Carter to liven up a stuffy red carpet event.

Apparently she was never paid what she thought she was worth and resentment grew. Last year her mother Cindy Crawford did the Milan shows with her, but this year she’s on her own. Kaia was such a hit on all the runways last year that she’s been invited back to do a lot of shows.

When Kim turned down the third in New York and pregnant Chrissy Teigen and their daughter Luna are keeping him company on a break. With print jobs and so many Fashion Weeks in so many cities, she’s earning quite a bit of money for a high school Junior.

Watch for her next in the female version of Oceans Eleven, and Netflix’s We’re not sure if Jennifer Lawrence, 27, is still the highest paid actress in the world, but she’s taking a lot of flak because her recent movies haven’t made much money.

Israel is either extremely socially inept or a high functioning autistic.

When Madonna for some reason quit being her friend, Sandra started telling some funny stories about their time together.

(No, they never had a romance.) Now Sandra sings with her own band and puts on a very entertaining club act.

Did you know she also has a 20 year old daughter Cicely? Okay, let’s clarify this whole Sarah Jessica Parker –Kim Cattrall feud- it’s about MONEY.

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