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The BBC documentary on Claridge’s featured the Melchors of California, a nice couple in their 80s who’d been guests at the top-class London hotel for 40 years and took the £5,500-night Royal Suite for 16 nights.

The husband had one complaint, aired in the film: ‘They screwed up when they gave a ten-year lease to that restaurateur.’ His wife chipped in: ‘Ramsay.’ Adding: ‘Oh, it was awful.’ How Ramsay – and Claridge’s management – must have winced. Whither Tim Davie, the former Pepsi Cola man appointed acting director general of the BBC before corporation honcho Tony Hall was brought out of retirement and appointed director general?

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Capote and ‘Mrs Williams’ get high as kites smoking hashish.

In the morning she tells him, ‘I don’t think I’ve ever had a better time...

And I could never date someone who wanted to go to Napa Valley on vacation all the time, either. From what I’ve learned about Disney movies, this will lead to true love. If they order thick crust, they might be from the Midwest. It’s a meal we always want, we always crave, and we always remember.

I’ve tried it, and although it sounds dreamy, let me reassure you it can get boooo-rinnnnggg. If they dip their pizza in ranch dressing, do not panic.

(I ended up canceling almost all of my wine tours to hang out in the movie theater to watch double features and kill aliens in the video arcade.) 2.

And most importantly — did they ask for the dressing on the side? Not that it’s a bad thing — sometimes restaurants slather so much dressing on salads it basically wilts and disintegrates the very lettuce it is trying to flavor. Pronunciation of Bruschetta Put on your snobby pants, everyone! I don’t know what you will do with the information that they say "brew-shet-ta," but it’s a good thing to know.Here at uk, you’ll find each and every one of our member photo’s, profiles and first messages moderated to ensure that you, our valued customer, gets the best and safest online dating experience as possible.Now available on mobile, uk allows you to take your dating experience on the move.Upload pictures, send messages write diary entries and give someone a wink in your area and you may just find that spark that ignites the perfect relationship. And you simply need some guidance on how to use our features, we have a friendly customer care team available, they’ll send you guides of how to write a message, upload a photo or give you some hints and tips as to what to include in your profile.They’ll tell you to be as creative as possible, tell people about you’re your hobbies and interests, what makes you tick and what you look for in the opposite sex.I’m only sorry Adlai missed it.’ Kate Graham’s lover was US statesman Adlai Stevenson, who died in 1965 after they’d spent the night together in the US ambassador’s residence here.

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