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A kiss on the hand can be quite continental, as Marilyn Monroe once sang, but a peck on the lips and nothing more is an affront to the senses, to romance.

There are songs about French kissing, for goodness sake – it’s a thing of wonder.

You may think that relationships live and die on sex, but for me, the real test comes much sooner. If it’s early on in the courtship and there’s not much else worth holding on for, you should probably drift away.

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Let’s wait until you’re ready.” That tongue of theirs will be back out and primed for action before you can say ‘Listerine’. French resistance Some kissers like to do things the old-fashioned way.

And when I say old-fashioned, I mean like you would have done it as a six-year-old with your first sweetheart.

If you’re getting a closed mouth in response to your ardent advances, the worst thing to do is just ram your tongue in and hope for the best.

Instead, take the kissing elsewhere – above the neck, you deviants – to see if that can get them in the mood. Kiss around the mouth, ears, neck, wherever – anywhere but actually on the lips themselves.

And maybe it’s *you* who has the problem – do you really want to be told the issue is with your very own technique?

Points for getting the tongue inside the mouth, but what you do with it matters too. But if The Dentist doesn't stop, that might just be some misguided individual's idea of a good time. Some of us bruise easily, and The Vampire doesn't seem to care that we're going to be left looking strangled.

Swirling it around a lot isn't going to turn anyone on. He or she tastes like whatever he or she has been eating. On the one hand, you want to give The Newbie a break for his or her lack of experience. Please do some research or at least make out with your fist before you inflict your bad kissing on someone else.

The Washing Machine only knows that one circular motion, and he or she will use it endlessly. The Reptile must learn how to use his or her tongue more sensually. The Prude can sometimes be coaxed out of his or her shell, but the lack of passion in the kiss doesn't speak well to overall bedroom performance. And while tuna casserole is good on a plate, it's less appetizing in someone else's mouth.

Here's our lovely reader's question: I don't like to kiss my boyfriend.

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