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Mc Question’s mother said her daughter was required to and had received a flu shot, but it didn’t keep her from becoming sick.” Kiera, Ayzlee, Amber, and Kristie had two things in common. They all were diagnosed with Type A Influenza, which is one of the Influenza strains contained each year in the flu shot, regardless of which version is given.

Influenza Type B is also contained in yearly flu shots.

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The researchers found no effect on flu vaccination when it comes to preventing hospitalizations, preventing the spread of influenza-like-illness, or preventing serious complications from flu.

You can read more about the Cochrane Collaborations flu research here.

She collapsed later that day, and his wife performed CPR on Kiera until paramedics arrived. Patrick Driscoll said that Kiera had been vaccinated against the flu.

He said doctors confirmed that Kiera had contracted the same strain for which she had been vaccinated.

Mc Question’s mother said her daughter was healthy, beautiful and smart.

She married in September, and her funeral was held on Tuesday.Today we are mourning as we learn of more deaths of previously healthy children and young adults.Vax Truth and the #CDCwhistleblower community of parents would like to offer our most sincere condolences and prayers to the families of Kiera Driscoll, Katherine Mc Question, Ayzlee Mc Carthy, Amber Gray, Kristie Green, Kaylynne Matten, Christopher Kanervisto, Chandler Webb, Ronan Burgess, and Patty Methot.As this excellent article indicates, research strongly suggests the opposite is true and that getting the flu vaccine actually makes flu symptoms worse.Judging from the increasing number of deaths among children and young adults who have received the flu vaccine, and using a little common sense… And then there’s some very compelling evidence from the Cochrane Collaboration, one of the world’s most prestigious independent research groups.(Independent meaning unlike The CDC, they don’t receive any money from the sale of vaccines.) The Cochrane Collaboration has this to say about the CDC’s claims: The CDC authors clearly do not weight interpretation by quality of the evidence, but quote anything that supports their theory.” – from the Cochrane Collaboration’s Review of Influenza Vaccine Efficacy & Safety Studies The Cochrane Collaboration’s research on the flu vaccine is very important reading for anyone who wants an unbiased, well-researched opinion.

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