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alphabetical list of contributors List of Plates LIST of MEj MBERS, OCTOBER, 1915 ... In the event of an equality of voles the President sliall have a casting vote. The fourth species {Alectroenas madagascariensis) we did not see, although we were in Madagascar. 'np HROUGH the second year of the great war the Magazine has been maintained in spite of adverse circumstances, and it is to be hoped that members will do their very best to keep things going by PUNCTUALLY PAYING ANNUAL SUB- SCRIPTIONS, and by writing articles whenever it is possible. If the Magazine can be upheld until Peace is declared, we hope for better days with renewed activity amongst many of the members whose time is now taken up with more weighty matters. Th OMASSET, who, in spite of war- work, has kindly continued to hold the post of Hon. Neither does it forget the constantly helpful services of Dr. Should no alternative candidates be put forward, in the manner and by the date above specified, the two candidates recommended by the Couticil shall be deemed to have been duly elected. In the December number of the "Avicultural Magazine" (1914) is an article on the pigeon hollandais, by Dr. It interested me very much, as it referred to a pigeon that I, in company with Mr. The fifth species {Alectrcenas nitidissima), of Mauritius, having become extinct, it was by far the largest and most beautiful of all.

These three, together with the Secretaries and Kditor, shall form la Committee known as the Executive Committee. We saw many of these birds on the Cascade Estate, which belongs to Mr.

Rules of the avicultural Society The society's Medal Magazine index XIV. If any Member of the Council does not attend a meeting for two years in succession, the Council shall have power to elect another Member in his place. — Immediately after the election of the Council, that body shall proceed to elect three from its Members {ex o_fficw Members not being eligible). It is a large bird, the hackle much darker in colour, and has a dark red tail, rump, and under tail coverts. Eenshaw was one of three that we brought home, and lived for some time in the Western Aviary.

In the event of a tie on any question, such question shall be foithwith submitted by letter lo the Council for their decision. It shall be lawful for the Business Secretary or Editor to pledge the Society's credit for a sum not exceeding f^i^. on the Island of Silouette, but we did not see it in Praslin, although I believe it is there.

In the case of the office being one which is held for more than one year (e. Secretaries, Editor, or Treasurer, the appointment shall be confirmed by the Council at its next meeting. To act for the Council in the decision of any other matter that may arise in connection with the business of the . The decision of anv matter by the Ivxecutive to be settled by a simple majority (five to form a quorum). It shall not be lawful for the Treasurer to pay any account unless such account be duly initialed by the Executive. We saw this bird also on Felicite Island, and it is found also 24 on the croicncd p'ujcon.

unless tlie candidate shall, within two weeks after the publication of his name in the Magazine, be objected to by at least two Members, he shall be deemed to be duly elected.

— New Members shall be proposed in writing, and the name and address of every person thus proposed, with the name of the Member proposing him, shall be published in the next issue of the IMagazine. At the expiration of the term of five years in every case, it shall be competent for the Council to nominate the same officer, or another Member, for a further term of five years, unless a second candidate be proposed by not less than twenty-five members of at least two years standing, as set forth below. Breeding of the Lesser Safifrou Finch, 25 As HBY, Edward. Members whose subscriptions shall not have been paid as above by the first day in September in any year shall cease to be Members of the Society, and shall not be re-admitted until a fresh entrance fee, as well as the annual sub- scription, shall have been paid 8. Editor, and Treasurer shall be elected for a term of five years, and should a vacancy occur, it may be temporarily filled up by the Executive Committee (see Rule 10). We made a long trip on the launch to visit the home of Ibis abbotti, that very rare ibis that is peculiar to this spot. Last autumn I was offered a pair of saffrons, which are the subject of this article. This pigeon is a small edition of the Comoro bird, but is also a little lighter in colour on the back. minor was one of the most interesting I ever spent in my life. Pelselns, on the other hand, I have bred from a pair reared in Mr, Teschemaker's aviaries, these were, I believe, the first to be bred in captivity ; they were quiet, unobtrusive birds, but less handsome than the common species.r '^ FOR THE PEOPLE FOR EDVCATION FOR SCIENCE LIBRARY OF THE AMERICAN MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY f Bound at A. H, THE AVICULTURAL : MAGAZINE : BEING THE JOURNAL OF THE AVICULTURAL SOCIETY FOR THE STUDY OF FOREIGN AND BRITISH BIRDS IN FREEDOM AND CAPTIVITY. W^hen on the ground they searched inside our shoes. The bird in size is about equal to a linnet, and the female closely resembles this species in colour as well as in size ; the cock, however, is in shape a much more " reachy " bird and reminds one constantly of a Yorkshire canary, being long, thin, and elegant, with yellow head and underparts, and olive green back and flights.

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