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My SQL Connectors provide connectivity to the My SQL server for client programs. See Section1.6.2, My SQL Community Support at the My SQL Forums. The procedure for doing this is described in Section21.1.4.8, Getting an ODBC Trace File.

APIs provide low-level access to the My SQL protocol and My SQL resources. Check the Connector/ODBC trace file to find out what could be wrong.

These solutions are not developed or supported by My SQL. If you can create a program that also demonstrates the problem, please include it in the archive as well. Connector/NET includes full support for: file included with the Connector/NET distribution.

the gridview gridview1 fired event rowupdating which wasn t handled-77

A number of programmers utilities are available to help with the process, and also covered in this section. If you are unable to find out what is wrong, the last option is to create an archive in file that explains the problem.

The remaining APIs provide an interface to My SQL from specific application langauges. You can send this to Only My SQL engineers have access to the files you upload, and we are very discreet with the data.

Both Connectors and the APIs enable you to connect and execute My SQL statements from another language or environment, including Java (JDBC), ODBC, Perl, Python, PHP, Ruby, and native C and embedded My SQL instances. You should be able to determine what statements were issued by searching for the string Remember that the more information you can supply to us, the more likely it is that we can fix the problem!

If you need to access My SQL from a C application, or build an interface to My SQL for a language not supported by the Connectors or APIs in this chapter, the C API is where you would start. Also, before posting the bug, check the My ODBC mailing list archive at

The contents in each case are identical, it is only the installation method which is different. However, even with this option, some data may be incorrectly formatted, even though the source data remains unchanged. My SQL Enterprise My SQL Enterprise subscribers can find a discussion about using VBA in the Knowledge Base article, My SQL-Specific Syntax with VBA. Open "DSN=My ODBCsample" my SQL = "SELECT * from user" myrs. The detailed information about the index is displayed in the panel on the right hand side. The detailed information about the foreign key is displayed in the right hand panel. These properties are: Some of these properties can have arbitrary text values, others accept values from a predefined set. This is a facility available in Visual Studio that allows you to configure the Membership, Role, Session State and Profile Provider, without having to resort to editing configuration files.

The installer packages offer a very simple method for installing the Connector/ODBC drivers. Open Resultset(SQL, rd Open Static, rd Concur Row Ver, rd Exec Direct) Do Until rs. In the latter case set the desired value using the embedded combo box. You simply run the tool, set your configuration options, and the tool will modify your This allows you to enable use of the My SQL Membership Provider. You can now enter the name of the application that you are creating the configuration for.It was developed according to the specifications of the SQL Access Group and defines a set of function calls, error codes, and data types that can be used to develop database-independent applications. Write Line("INSERT, Total rows affected:" & _ My Command. Command Text = "INSERT INTO my_vb_net VALUES(20,'mysql')" Console. Write Line("id = " & _ CStr(My Data Reader("id")) & " name = " & _ CStr(My Data Reader("name"))) End If End While 'Catch ODBC Exception Catch My Odbc Exception As Odbc Exception Dim i As Integer Console. To String) 'Catch program exception Catch My Exception As Exception Console. To String) End Try End Sub This section provides reference material for the Connector/ODBC API, showing supported functions and methods, supported My SQL column types and the corresponding native type in Connector/ODBC, and the error codes returned by Connector/ODBC when a fault occurs. Instructions for downloading and installing Bazaar on the different platforms are available on the Bazaar Web site.ODBC usually is used when database independence or simultaneous access to different data sources is required. Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) is a widely accepted application-programming interface (API) for database access. Write Line("INSERT, Total rows affected:" & _ My Command. Command Text = "INSERT INTO my_vb_net(id) VALUES(30)" Console. Command Text = "SELECT * FROM my_vb_net" Dim My Data Reader As Odbc Data Reader My Data Reader = My Command. This section summarizes ODBC routines, categorized by functionality. The most recent development source tree is available from our public Subversion trees at Access to the My SQL Knowledge Base collection of articles is one of the advantages of subscribing to My SQL Enterprise. The manual for versions of Connector/ODBC older than 3.51 can be located in the corresponding binary or source distribution. For example, the official My SQL formatted version number 5.0.9 may be displayed by Windows tools as 5.00.09. To compile C# source code you will also need to make sure a Mono C# compiler, is installed.Please note that versions of Connector/ODBC earlier than the 3.51 revision were not fully compliant with the ODBC specification. However, Windows tools (Control Panel, properties display) may show the version numbers as XX. The two versions are the same; only the number display format is different. Note that there are two Mono C# compilers available, You should read this section only if you are interested in helping us test our new code.Version numbers for My SQL products are formatted as X. ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) provides a way for client programs to access a wide range of databases or data sources. Command Text = "CREATE TABLE my_vb_net(id int, name varchar(30))" My Command. Command Text = "INSERT INTO my_vb_net VALUES(10,'venu')" Console. If you just want to get Connector/NET up and running on your system, you should use a standard release distribution.

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