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There can’t be many people who can claim to have had their careers kickstarted by East Enders’ Simon ‘Wicksy’ Wicks, but actress Archie Panjabi belongs to that rarefied group.

She was a force of nature and people felt inspired by her because she was so unapologetic about who she was’Having Jack as her TV husband was, she admits, a case of wish fulfilment, ‘because I used to watch This Life when I started out as an actress and it was exactly the kind of work I wanted to do; all the characters were so flawed yet so likable.

In fact, when I was on The Good Wife, I suggested that Jack play my husband [the part eventually went to Marc Warren], so I was delighted when he was cast in Next of Kin.

Next of Kin, a six-part ITV drama, features Archie as Mona, a family woman and ‘a doctor, so my parents are very proud’.

Mona’s life is suddenly blown apart, however, when her brother Kareem (Navin Chowdhry) is brutally murdered while working for a medical charity overseas.

‘I remember as a child always being fascinated by people,’ she says.

‘I was intrigued by accents and often mimicked them.

We’re both married, so we fell into the roles of husband and wife naturally.

He’s warm and not afraid to be affectionate in character or worried that he won’t come across as masculine enough.’The series looks set to be another hit for Archie, who has managed to quietly carve out a successful career somewhat under the radar.

'It shines a light on the subject of radicalisation, and sadly terror attacks are frequently a reality now.

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