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The Elector of Hanover became king as George I (1714–1727).

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Jacobite factions seeking a Stuart restoration remained strong; they instigated a revolt in 1715–1716.

The son of James II planned to invade England, but before he could do so, John Erskine, Earl of Mar, launched an invasion from Scotland, which was easily defeated.

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Scottish and English law remained separate, as did the Presbyterian Church of Scotland and the Anglican Church of England.

England and Scotland also continued to each have its own system of education.

Meanwhile the long War of the Spanish Succession (1701–1714) was underway with France. Trevelyan argues: That Treaty [of Utrecht], which ushered in the stable and characteristic period of Eighteenth-Century civilization, marked the end of danger to Europe from the old French monarchy, and it marked a change of no less significance to the world at large,—the maritime, commercial and financial supremacy of Great Britain.

It see-sawed back and forth A more peace-minded government came to power in London and the treaties of Utrecht and Rastadt in 1713–1714 ended the war. The Stuart line died with Anne in 1714, although a die-hard faction with French support supported pretenders.

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