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The UK is mostly under the influence of the maritime polar air mass from the north-west.

Northern Ireland and the west of Scotland are the most exposed to the maritime polar air mass which brings cool moist air; the east of Scotland and north-east England are more exposed to the continental polar air mass which brings cold dry air.

Northern Ireland is warmer than Scotland throughout the year.

Maximum temperatures are milder than in Wales from December to April, and milder than in England from December to February, but Northern Ireland is cooler during the rest of the year.

Snow was also recorded at lower levels in early June 1975.

More recently, there was a disruptive snow event between 26 and 29 April 2016 across much of Northern England and Scotland, which was unusually the only significant snow event of the winter 2015/16.

The climate of south-west England displays a seasonal temperature variation, although it is less extreme than most of the United Kingdom.

Gales are less common in England compared to Scotland; however on some occasions there can be strong winds, and rarely, the remains of Atlantic hurricanes and tropical storms.Wales is wetter throughout the year than Northern Ireland and England, but has fewer rainy days than Northern Ireland; meaning that rainfall tends to be more intense.Wales is also drier than Scotland in every month apart from May, June and December, and there are fewer days with rain than in Scotland. Spring is generally a calm, cool season, particularly because the Atlantic has lost much of its heat throughout the autumn and winter.Snow, frost and ice can be disruptive and damaging to flowering plants, particularly later in the spring.Early spring can be quite cold, and occasionally the lowest temperatures of the year can occur in March, as it did at Heathrow Airport on 5 March 2001, 4 March 2006 and 8 March 2011.England is also sunnier throughout the year, but unlike Wales, Northern Ireland & Scotland, the sunniest month is July, totalling 193.5 hours.

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