Updating windows xp service pack 2

If Symantec says your virus status is safe, continue on to step three.

But, if Symantec finds a problem, expect to spend a lot of time at the appropriate removal tools.

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If you have a name-brand computer, check the manufacturer's web site and download any software or driver updates they recommend.

For example, Dell recommends that its users update their BIOS before upgrading to XP SP2.

Part of its success relied in its appealing interface, since it was different than the ones that had been available before its launch.

Another reason for its popularity was that the development teams at Microsoft were constantly working on improving its stability and solving its bugs, so as to ensure the user experience was not affected.

Finally, after you've installed XP SP2 and run Windows Update, point your favorite web browser to

This page contains dozens of handouts and videos covering topics such as configuring Internet Explorer's new pop-up blocker, using the new Windows Security Center, and so on. Here's how to do it safely: Trust me on this one, folks: XP SP2 is so large that you don't want to try to download it over even the fastest Internet connection.Besides, when your computer crashes sometime in the future and you have to reinstall Windows, having XP SP2 on CD-ROM will speed your recovery process. Well, go to the computer section of your nearest big box retailer and ask for a copy.[I accidentally installed XP SP2 without first turning off my antivirus and nothing bad happ&%$()**NO CARRIER**] Step nine is probably the hardest step of them all.If you follow steps one through eight, step nine is probably completely unnecessary. And sometimes, although not often, XP SP2 installations go horribly awry.For a list of the XP SP2 upgrade sites for most of the major PC manufacturers, check out you can’t find your computer manufacturer’s web site, call the company or store that sold you your computer and ask them if they know of any issues with upgrading your make and model of computer to XP SP2. Just to be extra safe, make sure to copy ALL of the important stuff on your computer to a CD-ROM, DVD, thumb drive, external hard drive, or whatever. In particular, make sure to backup your: No, I don't mean go back to step one. It's usually a good idea to flush the decks, so to speak, before you install any major program or operating system upgrade on your computer.

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