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But, there was only one school in the entire nation that offered that degree and it was NOT the same school that offered Bobby’s dream.

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Here’s a story my mom told me: Bobby and Betty Ann were THE COUPLE.

Like, all of Cutie Patootieville just thought that they were the bee’s knees and would be together forever.

PRO Communicate The biggest part that could make or break any relationship, long-distance or not, is maintaining good communication.

Try to talk to one another at least once a day, even if it's just to say "hi" or tell your partner that you're thinking about them.

It could lead to making choices that actually hurt your goals and dreams.

Straying from academics If you follow your sweetheart to college, they obviously take a priority in your life.

Unless you’re comfortable constantly standing behind your boyfriend/girlfriend’s shoulder nodding your head as if you’re included in the conversation with his friend that you’re actually not included in, then be weary of a life in the shadows.

Not making decisions based on needs Following your sweetheart to college illustrates how much you are willing to sacrifice for that person.

It just comes with a different set of problems and opportunities for creativity.

And when it's all over and you finally get to embrace each other after waiting, you feel an appreciation for that person you might not have felt without this unique experience.

There are new maps to figure out, new people to remember, a totally new academic language to translate…I can go on forever.

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