Psychometric dating

Candidates are less fond of psychometric tests, but you needn't be afraid of them.

You can approach your test with confidence by reading our top tips and advice below.

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If your invitation letter/email does not include any example test questions there’s no harm in asking for some.

It’s in the interest of the psychometric test publisher to give candidates an idea of what to expect because that way the test will be measuring your true ability, not how well you cope with stress and confusion.

As an employer, their predictive qualities make psychometric tests very attractive.

Add the fact that they can be administered quickly and efficiently on a large scale and you can see why psychometric tests have become the norm, especially for graduate recruitment.

Tip 3: Find the psychometric test publisher The company you are applying to, or the recruitment agency you are working with, will outsource the design of the psychometric test to a specialist test publisher.

Several psychometric test publishers exist and each has slightly different styles.

Pay careful attention to your invitation letter and understand what it asks you to do.

This is the best stage at which to ask questions about your psychometric test; there will be plenty of time to explain and help you.

At the bottom of this page there are links to the other types of psychometric test you are likely to encounter, including personality questionnaires.

As a candidate, the best way to prepare for your psychometric test is to practise, and find out more about it.

Psychometric test publishers also like to give out a few example questions to help level the playing field between candidates who have seen psychometric tests before and those who have not, so take advantage of these example questions.

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