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ICD-9 billing codes were used to identify all patients who had undergone varicocele ligation for pain since 1985.

We documented patient age, grade and location of varicocele, duration and quality of pain, response to conservative therapy and surgical approach to ligation.

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Tim Hetherington, 41, a four time winner of the world press photographer award, died along with an American agency journalist when they were apparently deliberately targeted by Gaddafi's forces this morning.

Born in Liverpool and educated at Oxford University, Mr Hetherington also won an award last year at the Sundance Film festival for his highly-acclaimed documentary Restrepo, a film about the war in Afghanistan. Chris Hondros, a New York-based photographer for Getty Images, also died yesterday after being seriously wounded, according to the company's director of photography, Pancho Bernasconi.

It also keeps them fighting, bringing weapons and ammunition to Misrata's defenders.

Surgical ligation is an option in the management of patients with painful varicocele.

PR worker Cathy Saypol, who represented Hetherington for several years, said: 'We are saddened beyond words that our friend, photographer and film-maker, Tim Hetherington, was killed in Misrata this morning.'Against a backdrop of screaming from patients critically injured in the latest bombardment, Dr Khalid Abuflaga said that more than 200 patients were being brought to the only remaining hospital in Misrata, which is surrounded on three sides by Gaddafi tanks and fighters.‘It’s completely indiscriminate – there is no place of safety in this city,’ the doctor told me.

‘They have bombed our hospitals and our ambulances and we are having young children and even babies brought in with absolutely terrible injuries.’ The doctor added: ‘There are children with injuries from tank shells, mortar rounds and sniper fire.

Mr Hetherington was covering the conflict in this besieged city of 300,000, along with three other photographers, when the group came under mortar attack.

Hetherington died at the scene while Hondros died later after receiving treatment.

Telephone interviews and chart reviews were conducted to determine resolution of pain, complications of the procedure and if the patient would choose surgery again.

We obtained followup on 35 of the 58 painful varicocele patients (60%).

Average patient age was 25.7 years (range 15 to 65).

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