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The happy marriage of Todd and Victoria is an example of an excellent work of our team!We are proud to make our close people happy and wish our amazing couple from USA many wonderful years together!Once the first happy couple was matched, all the friends and the friends of friends ;-) rushed in willing to take their chances in search of love, marriage and happiness.

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I met so many fun and cool people and we all had so much fun and stuff to talk about because we're all teens and to be honest...i love it! Especially EMO room, I've met loads of cool people, its the best chat room ever by far!! I get bored and there's ALMOST always something to do here...

The Goth and Emo chats are my fave cuz there's so many people that are like me and its so easy to get along with them! Great place for meeting new people who totally understand what you've been through or what your going through and wont judge you because of what you dress or look like.

Like text, all photos, videos, documents and voice messages are encrypted, ephemeral and screenshot-proof.

Communicate in whatever format you’d like, without leaving a copy behind.

Encryption is an important component of confidentiality but it’s not the only one. For extra privacy on i OS and Android, our patented reading experience ensures that only one line of the message (or a sliver of an image or document) is unveiled at a time and that the sender’s name is not simultaneously visible.

After a message is decrypted it becomes vulnerable. Screen Shield for i OS is a new technology which is only supported when the message recipient is using a recent version of the Confide app.

Communicate digitally with the same level of privacy and security as the spoken word.

With encrypted, self-destructing, and screenshot-proof messages, Confide gives you the comfort of knowing that your private communication will now truly stay that way.

Our story started many years ago-in 2000, the era when people were just starting to step into progressive international dating world as we know it now :-) Back in the time we had our doors open for everyone who wished to change their life...

However now we must carefully review and approve each new profile in the office of our agency while having a personal meeting and conversation.

Subscribe to Confide Plus for more features and more control.

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