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You should also avoid giving specific details about your family.

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Austin, TXAustin leads the country in three categories: "breadcrumbing," "ghosting" and "zombies." What does this mean?

Ghosting is "quietly disappearing after days, weeks or months" after dates.

How do you tell who is legit and who is a scammer or a catfish? The dating site scammer's goal is to get you to click their link, visit their email, or call their scam number as soon as possible so that they can either infect your computer, harvest your personal information, or steal your credit card details. They are so eager to do this that they will usually put web links in their profile, practically begging you to go and visit their site. Some will take the long road and try to chat you up a bit before they hit you with the link.

The end game is always the same though, they want you off the dating site and into an area they control.

A free Google Voice number can be a great go-between for those times when you want to give a girl your phone number but you don't want to give out your real number until you get to know her a lot better where your comfortable giving her your real number.

Now that you've got a dating-related email account and a secondary phone number, it's time to choose what dating sites / apps you want to use.This is one of those little tidbits that should be left out of just about everyone's profile.Do you really want someone to disqualify you as a potential mate simply because you aren't in the right income bracket? Specific information is power, the more specifics you provide, the more potential risk you open yourself up to.So once you see that link, email address, or phone number after only talking to them for a little while, it's a very strong indication that it's probably a scam.Scammers who are phishing for personal information will often ask you things like your birthday because that's what they need to steal your identity.This also helps avoid confusion of who is actually the eligible bachelor.

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