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As a consequence, in the beginning 9 was more commonly assigned to mobile operators that used older technologies such as AMPS (analog), TDMA and CDMA, while for some time 8 was specifically reserved for all new GSM licenses.

Most citizens only know the 190 (Military Police) number for emergencies, but 192 (ambulance), 193 (firefighters) and 199 (civil defense) are also commonly known.

Usually a call to 190 (military police) describing an emergency with a non-criminal nature will be redirected to the proper number or provide assistance if they are qualified to (as in cases of choking children).

Numbers starting with 300n and 400n are reserved for a special case of non-geographic numbers (see below).

Numbers starting with 1700 are used by some Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to provide dial-up Internet access.

In order to standardize the mobile numbering plan in Brazil, ANATEL started gradually rolling out the change to nine digits in other area codes and states as well.

The last three states to implement the ninth digit in mobile numbers (the Southern states of Paran√°, Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul, corresponding to area codes 41 through 55) did so on 6 November 2016.On that date, the digit 9 was added to the left of all existing mobile numbers in the 11 area code, regardless of their former initial digits.So, for example, mobile number (11) 9123-4567 became (11) 99123-4567.Initial digits 6 through 8 remain reserved for mobile lines, but as of January 2017 all nine-digit mobile numbers still start with 9, and it was not yet necessary to use the other reserved initial digits.Landline numbers (starting with 2, 3, 4 or 5) and trunked radio mobile telephony (i DEN) numbers were not changed and remained with eight digits.Historically, at the time mobile numbers had seven or eight digits, the higher ranges of the 9 initial digit (96-99) were originally assigned to the old state monopolies before the privatization of Brazil's telephony system, and later to their privatized direct successors.

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