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By the early 1880s, Monet and his artist friends, including Paul Cezanne, Camille Pissarro, Sisley and Edgar Degas, had become disillusioned with the restrictive standards of the dominant arts organization in Paris, L'Academie des Beaus-Arts, which selected the paintings to be included in the yearly Salons.

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The artist's early efforts pay homage to the Realist school of art that came to dominance during his childhood.

Reacting against Romanticism, Realistic artists such as Gustave Courbet focused on accuracy in depicting their subject matter, which often consisted of working-class figures and unembellished, natural scenery.

When the artist was 11, he attended an art-focused secondary school in his hometown of Le Havre, taking beginning drawing classes from Jacques-Francois Ochard.

A few years later, Monet studied the art of the landscape from a local painter, Eugene Boudin, who also acclimated the young artist to painting in the open air so as to capture nature in the moment.

During his tutelage at the Gleyre studio, the artist painted Woman in a Green Dress, a life-sized portrait of his future wife Camille, and Women in a Garden, for which Camille also modeled.

The former painting was accepted for exhibit at the prestigious Paris Salon.More cheating housewives in Missouri are having affairs than ever before Lonely and bored married women are desperate to find someone to have an affair with.Someone to touch them the way they want to be touched, someone to make them feel the way they want to feel, someone to fulfil their sexual fantasies.He shared studio space with Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Frederique Bazille and Alfred Sisley, all of whom would later determine the future direction of art.The students would often take their easels and paints to outdoor settings and transfer their immediate impressions of the landscape onto the canvas with short, deft brushstrokes.Once the movement had a name and a reputation, however dubious, Monet went on the create some of his most brilliant works of art, such as Madame Monet and Child, which he completed in 1875, a scene resplendent with and color and life.

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