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Apart from straightforward deletion, another classic sign of "tampering" to look for on OS maps is the use of the rather uninformative labels "Works" or "Depot".This is sometimes an indication that a site has important Government and/or military activities. Throughout the 1960s, Sir Martin Furnival-Jones, Director General of MI5 (the Security Service) during the Cold War, insisted that all sensitive sites be labelled on maps in this way, so their true strategic role would be concealed from potential enemy agents.

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Derby marks are many but most follow the same theme, with a cypher surmounted by a crown.

Dating early Derby is slightly more difficult than the more modern Royal Crown Derby, but dating Derby porcelain is much easier than many of the early English porcelain factories. Nottingham Road from 1756 to 1848 King Street from 1848 to 1935 And; Osmaston Road from 1877 to modern times.

So they can't very well make, say, Faslane nuclear submarine base (pictured below) suddenly disappear as you come around the corner.

Having said that, in October 2007, the Sun newspaper revealed in an exclusive story that boffins at the Government's research wing Qineti Q had got together with Professor John Pendry's theoretical physics team at Imperial College, London to develop Harry Potter style "invisibility cloaks" for military equipment such as tanks.

This took the form of a small graphic illustration below the main mark and later, from 1938, a Roman numeral.

The V of 1904 can be confused with the Roman V of 1942 as can the X for 1901 and the Roman X for 1947.The truth behind an infamous UKconspiracy theory surrounding alegendary underground storage basefinally revealed in a new televisiondocumentary on Sky Channel 201The astonishing facts are evenstranger than the wild stories UK Centre for Medical Research and Innovation biocontainment laboratoryto be built next to St.Pancras International Eurostar Terminal Local residents fear 28 Days Laterand The Hot Zone biohazardleaks and bioterrorism"You are republishing open source material already widely in the public domain and not therefore increasing the danger to sensitive sites.Sometimes misleading labels on Ordnance Survey maps are good old fashioned foul-ups.Like the map of Stockport Grammar School in my home town. Ordnance Survey's map makers up to their old tricks?Any Derby piece by the above artists would be of great interest to serious Derby collectors. try to focus your efforts on a particular factory, style or artist.

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