Dating japanese woodblock prints

After Teiichi's death in 1945 his son Eiichi (1917-96) took over the family business, which is still nowadays run by Eiichi's widow and their daughter from their business near Tokyo.In principle, we can distinguish between pre-war Doi editions and post-war Doi editions.

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Dating japanese woodblock prints what is the purpose of radioactive dating

and describe as accurately as possible the condition and value of each artwork.

Every prints are ONLY originals and lifetime edition guaranteed.

Other prints of "Doi Hangaten" show Itoh as printer, however, no further printers are known to the author in this seal combination.

**UPDATES (January 2004 and June 2005) Recent research conducted by Marc Kahn now indicates a strong likelihood that this "E" seal ("Doi Hangaten/Harada/Yokoi" seal combination) may well have been used on PRE-War Doi-published prints during the period of 1936/38 to 1956 and onward to 1962.

Mounted on washi paper with embossed edge surrounding print. $70 SEE ALSO MY OTHER LISTING WITH WOODBLOCK PRINTS IN THEIR ORIGINAL PRESENTATION FOLDERS.

Teiichi Doi (died 1945) opened his woodblock print publishing business in 1930 in Tokyo, having at that time just returned from San Francisco where he had been an art dealer of Japanese "shin-hanga" prints for the two previous decades.

It is no doubt that his experiences in America as a dealer lead him later to his great success as a publisher.

Artists whose works were published by Doi were among others Hasui, Koitsu and the French artist Nouet.

It reads left Doi Eiichi, right "hanken shoju" - Copyright Reserved.

Although many printers have worked for the Doi publishing house especially in the pre-war era, there are only three printers whom we can call the Doi "primary printers," because each of them worked or still works for Doi for an extended period of time.

The center box mentions the printer Itoh, the lower box the carver Ikeda.

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