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Some derive from Islamic law, for example, 'sharia', 'wakf', 'talak', 'nafaka', 'mirat', 'wassyat', etc.

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Taking these words from the original English or French doesn't diminish our language because, as I have said, they are used without alteration.

If you examine our neighbouring languages, including those Arabic ones, you will find that they contain many English and French words.

In response to my protest that I was not a specialist in language he said, "You know at least four languages and that is sufficient to help you", and he offered his personal assistance also.

What I learnt from this distinguished scholar provided the impetus for me to attempt to compile a Kurdish dictionary of law, though I knew that it would be a far from easy task, especially since there had never been a proper Kurdish dictionary of law.

However, I did not change some words which, although not actually Kurdish, have been absorbed and have become a part of the Kurdish heritage.

They have been used for centuries with little or no change.The few examples I have given of this use of the Arabic language have been used for decades.They are an accepted part of the peoples' everyday vocabulary and are difficult to replace.The responsibility for developing and advancing the Kurdish language lies not only with the experts in linguistics, but also with all professionals, each in his own particular sphere.In every language, and especially in those which have progressed, you will find two kinds of dictionary - a standard one compiled by lexicographers, containing most words in common usage and a second, relating to a specific science, which must be compiled by linguists with specialist knowledge of that science.It is my belief that their use brings Kurdish closer to these other languages, especially since Kurdish is, like them, an Indo-European language.

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