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We had our first "Newfoundland experience" when we drove into a remote camping ground in the north of Sweden one day during the late summer of 1981.

In order to enhance our breeding program over the years we have imported the following dogs. Capebass strives to breed quality, sound Newfoundlands.

Sprnghavens Nugget Girl (USA), Toppolopas Ebizz for Newfashion (NWY), V Gold Digger De Letoile De Cyrice (FRN) and Timberlands Babe Take It Slowly (ITY)To add to this we have imported a selection of dogs via frozen semen and the results are speaking for themselves. To improve our lines we have imported semen and dogs from overseas countries such as Hungry, USA and England.

We sat in the car for at least half an hour hoping someone would come out, when no-one appeared we finally plucked up the courage to walk up the stairs - when we got to the doorway the big brown dog just rolled over begging for a tummy tickle!

He spent the rest of the day with us outside our cabin gambling through the forest like a big brown bear.

Then reserve challenge Specialty 2010 Another daughter wins Supreme Newfoundland NZ 2009 0249385045 .

We have frozen semen available from Digger , Zeus , Corey and other beautiful males to approved bitches .We travel regularly to keep informed of our Breed world wide and spend lots of researching and learning, it is a never ending quest and adventure to always be educating ourselves, and keeping up to date with all things Newfoundland, Health issues and breed lines in particular.All dogs that we intend to breed from are health tested for hip and elbow dysplasia, we also screen for cystinuria, results available on request.We always strive for the best in the breed, health, soundness, solid, typey newfoundlands, with beautifully sweet natures, to the Breed Standard.We breed if we wish to keep something for ourselves, usually once a year.Breeders of the 1st American Champion Established in 1989 the Newfashion prefix is held in high regard.

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