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This topic will explain how to install and update Avalon RO using Ragnarok and Ragnarok Renewal, and also how to solve some othe common problems.

You will need Ragnarok(RAG_SETUP), Ragnarok Renewal(RAGRE_SETUP) and the Avalon RO patch to play.

updating sakray-61

You can turn off UAC in the Control Panel, under User Accounts. Right-click Avalon and select "Run as Administrator" OR disable the UAC (User Account Control) if the patcher fails to install the updates.

You should always start RO using Avalon RO (Avalon RO.exe). You can turn off UAC in the Control Panel, under User Accounts. Make sure that you have the newest patch and that you run it as administrator. The old patcher fix is built in in the 4.2 patch, there's no need to download it separately anymore.

Step 3: The dataremover pops up to remove conflicting files from other servers and you're asked to press any key.

Press any key three times and you're done with the installation!

One aspect which separated the two came from the server side.

When you’re playing RO (online), the RO client would be connected with RO official servers, such as Loki, Chaos, Fenrir or Sakray server.

That way you'll always have the latest updates for the server. After starting Avalon RO you get an error like "can not find: AIL_quick_load_and_play()".

This means that you did not install the Avalon RO patch in the same directory as Ragnarok and Ragnarok Renewal.

It also includes a patcher that patches both Rag and Rag_RE.

Esta guia est disponible en espaol, click aqui (translation by Mauriel).

Try to update them at least once per month or you will get errors from new items and maps.

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