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This phenomenon would repeat itself with later technologies.

Porn consumers would help both establish a market and build familiarity and expertise with the new technology.

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And they have led the way in Internet videoconferencing—a technology sure to have more and more importance in the business world, where telephone Conference calls are now utterly routine.

Coopersmith reports on an outfit called Virtual Dreams plowing half its $700,000-a-month profit into improving its interactive technology.

Sexually explicit videotapes hit the stores in 1977, a year regular Hollywood releases, and over the next few years, more than half of all recorded tapes sold were X-rated.

By the mid-1980s, that share had dropped to under 25 percent.

One related finding was that older boys (15-17) are more likely than older girls to use social sites to make new friends (60% vs.

Unless you’ve never been online, visited a video-rental store, watched cable TV, or turned on the set in a modern hotel, you know how much technology has changed the landscape of sex in recent decades. The information-technology revolution has not stopped at the bedroom door but burst through it, deluging us with X-rated cyber cams and DVDs and chat rooms and phone-call services.

A great resource on grooming specifically written for teens is (starting on p. The program was written by Rachell O’Connell, Joanna Price, and Charlotte Barrow of the Cyberspace Research Unit of the University of Central Lancashire in the UK.

For research on teen social networking, see this about January ‘07 findings by the Pew Internet & American Life Project.

On the Internet, pornographers have done more than just get there first- though they have certainly done that, especially in terms of online retailing. They have been behind some of the systems that are used to verify online financial transactions.

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