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She and Eustochium built a hospice, a monastery, and a convent, which Paula governed. Saint John of the Cross was born Juan de Yepes y Alvarez, in Fontiveros, Avila, Spain in 1542.She became Jerome's closest confidante and assistant, taking care of him and helping him in his biblical work, build numerous churches, which were to cause her financial difficulties in her old age, and died at Bethlehem on January 26. His father was employed by wealthy family members as an accountant, but they disowned him when ... When she was still quite young, her city was conquered by barbarians.Performa 15 welcomes the return of acclaimed French conceptual choreographer Jérôme Bel with a bold new work specially devised for the city of New York unfolding over the course of the biennial’s three weeks and presented in three separate venues: a downtown dance studio (Martha Graham Studio Theater), midtown art gallery (Marian Goodman Gallery), and uptown theater (at El Museo del Barrio).

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Paula married Toxotius, and the couple had five children - Toxotius, Blesilla, Paulina, Eustochium, and Rufina. Epiphanius and Paulinus of Antioch and was closely associated with Jerome in his work while he was in Rome.

They were regarded as an ideal married couple, and on his deathin 379, she renounced the world, lived in the greatest austerity, and devoted herself to helping the poor. The death of her daughter Blesilla in 384 left her heartbroken, and in 385 she left Rome with Eustochium, traveled to the Holy Land with Jerome, and a year later settled in Bethlehem under his spiritual direction.

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In 285 AD she abandoned Rome with her son, Eustace, and moved to Antioch, where she joined Saint Jerome to share a hermit’s life.

Claude Lorrain’s painting depicts her departure, offering an imaginary recreation of the port of Ostia.

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The canvas includes an inscription clarifying the subject, as it was not a common one and could therefore have been difficult to identify.

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