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Conflict might be considered the way to pass along such knowledge.I am fortunate my friend knew me well and was willing to give me space and offer forgiveness.It was my inability to effectively convey what was in my heart and on my mind that led to hurt feelings and further misunderstanding.

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There is a marked difference in avoiding a hard topic and thoughtfully planning the ideal time to have a potentially difficult conversation.

If you begin a difficult conversation starting from a place of controlled emotion and grace, the path will be smoother. Most of the progress in relationships comes from a series of discussions as they unravel naturally.

I’m often reminded as a parent to listen to my children’s words and not necessarily the emotion behind them. They are simply a temporary reaction to the current situation. If you acknowledge that someone is angry or hurt, you can better understand the sharp or harsh words that may be coming from them.

My three-year-old sometimes throws temper tantrums when she’s frustrated, but if I listen and respond to her words, it often diffuses her anger. You can choose to help them deal with their emotions or let them regain their composure to talk another time.

These things never help to fix a problem and ultimately bring more hurt to all involved.

These include, ultimatums, yelling, threatening to cut off the friendship, name calling, and personal attacks. Breathe, step back and allow some time before you try again.

If you need to ask for clarification or even repeat what you think the other person is trying to say, so be it. He is relentless in keeping me from settling and expecting too little from life.

It can even be an opportunity to grow and evolve as you turn a new corner of understanding one another. He pushes me out of the nest over and over when I get too comfortable.

I was embarrassed and grateful, but I realized I needed to evaluate a few of my shortcomings to avoid making the same mistake again.

I also realized that what I was feeling wasn't the problem.

“Treat your friends like you do your best pictures; place them in the best light.” ~Unknown I recently had a disagreement with a close friend.

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