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On the Input Message tab, enter any desired message to help guide users of the worksheet to enter data that falls into acceptable boundaries.For example, you might populate the fields for the Input Message, as shown in Figure 4.If Order ID field is blank, a message box appears with the message specified in the Error Description parameter.

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With Data Validation, you can create rules that help to ensure that users enter accurate data into your workbooks and you can create dropdown lists to make it easier for users to record their entries.

If you are looking for ways to improve spreadsheet accuracy while simultaneously easing the burden of data input, give Excel’s Data Validation feature a try.

Example 4: Using Local Variables and Looking Up Records in Another Table The following code example shows a validation rule that ensures only valid Status ID values are entered into the table.

If Updated("Status ID") Then Set Local Var Name var Status ID Expression [Status ID] Set Local Var Name var Status Text Expression "" Look Up A Record In Order Details Status Where Condition [Status ID]=[var Status ID] Set Local Var Name var Status Text Expression [Status Text] If [var Status Text]="" Then Raise Error Error Number 1 Error Description Sorry, you have specified an invalid Status ID Else Set Field Name Status Text Value [var Status Text] End If End If macro block checks whether the Status ID field was changed.

The Lookup Record data block is used to find a record in the Order Details Status table that matches the Status ID in the Order Details table.

If a matching Status ID is found, the var Status Text variable is set to the Status Text field in the Order Details Status table. Data macros allow you implement business rules in events that are triggered when the user edits, inserts, or deletes a record.In addition to using Data Validation rules for ensuring the accuracy of user input, you can also build data validation rules to make it easier for users to enter data.For example, you can build a Data Validation rule to provide a dropdown list from which users can select a value to enter into the worksheet.Fortunately, you can use Excel’s Data Validation tool to minimize the opportunity for incorrect data input; and in this tip, you will learn how to work with Data Validation rules.To begin to demonstrate the power of building Data Validation rules, consider the loan amortization worksheet pictured in Figure 1.Now, you should have downloaded and installed a fresh copy of the Northwind web database, and it should be loaded in Access 2010. Opening the Before Change Macro of the Order Details Table Use the following procedure to open the Before Change macro of the Order Details table.

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