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On the morning of January 28, 2012, Baxter returned to 14.275 with his 'signature' programming, e.g., a year-old recording produced by AR Newsline, that was so distorted it was nearly impossible to decipher. Karol Madera unabashedly and unequivocally admits his all-consuming pedophilia.

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He was photographed while he was parked on the property of the woman who reported him to the RCMP for stalking and harassing her.

Madera's modus operandi was shockingly similar to that of the killers in the Lindsay Buziak case.

According to a source in Parksville, Karol Madera was present and photographed on the site where the stalking occurred and he has been positively identified by the victim in that case.

In our segment, "Stalking Van Isle Women" (below) the man in the passenger seat of the small car is Karol Madera.

A complaint was also made to RCMP regarding the alleged stalking, harassment, and intimidation of a different female.

This complaint against Madera was made by a woman in Parksville, British Columbia.

According to a complaint to Saanich Police, Madera said he would visit a man named Frank or Fred and carve a jack-o-lantern into his fat belly.

The complainant said Madera stated that he would drive to Texas and "gut the man like a pig." While engaged in this murderous rant, Madera turned up the voltage to his amplifier to the point where he blew up the tube in his amp.

Smith is legally entitled to a public apology and punitive damages regarding Madera's disgusting, misogynistic lies about Mrs. Madera stands accused of stalking minors using amateur radio and the Internet.

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