Verizon fios tv remote dvr updating

You can seach for the actor/team name, but you have to manually choose to record from the search results.

The whole process was done at abour , which was a little under the 4-6 hour installation time they told me to be prepared for.

Verizon came out and installed Verizon Fi OS TV and Internet at my house today. The two installers arrived at pm, which was right in the middle of the 1-5 window Verizon gave.

This unit is able to record one show and watch another. They provided a component cable, but I connected it to my tv with an HDMI cable.

Here are some pictures of the unit: Overall, I’m very impressed with the DVR. The Motorola system is Microsoft based, so it is very similar to what I was used to with that.

I haven’t noticed any difference in the standard channels. There are a BUNCH of free shows in from different categories. Once you choose a movie, you’re able to watch it for up to 24 hours.

You can read more about Fi OS TV from Verizon’s website.

I also really like being able to set up a series to be recorded by pressing record twice in the guide.

It was a hassel having to jump through multiple menus in Direc Tivo menus and then sitting there waiting for about 45 seconds for it to decide it was ready to go.

On Wednesday, the company is introducing a new set of widgets that will allow all Fi OS customers to view Twitter posts and Facebook updates alongside their live television feeds.

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