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Naturally, my mom expressed her concerns not only in my going against what I had been raised on but also in my naïveness.I insisted I knew what I was doing and that I wouldn’t stray too far from the person they raised. I knew my family, like any other loving one, would always want to protect their child from hurt or making mistakes, but I had never truly made any up to that point, and if I was bound to make one, Pan was the person I had chosen to do that with.I was basically saying, “Can I go on a date with a guy?

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Both are way too taboo to even think about, let alone say out loud.

But there I stood in the living room, asking my Muslim mom if I could go on a date. I think it was the reality that my twenty-eighth birthday was a few weeks away, and I was now not only officially expired, but a fucken pre-historic dinasour in my culture.

I had done things as culturally and religiously encouraged, but it didn’t work.

I was now going to take my search for love into my own hands, even if it would be labeled by many in the culture as (a sin).

Well, Perry and I enjoyed it all, my mom sat there like fucken Attila the Hun. Perry’s discomfort translated to spending the entire night immersed in what often times seemed like a one sided conversation between him and my mom.

Now, I can understand the Islamic belief that when a man and woman are alone, the third person is the devil. Temptation is always there, but there’s also a little thing we seem to have forgotten: will power.

I knew I wanted to have my voice heard through my writing or something. But every time I felt overwhelmed, I called Pan, who would promise me that the meeting had been simply so that we could do things right. Whereas a Mus Rab girl sure as hell better think twice, DESPITE it stating clearly in Islam, that both women and MEN, cannot date. Not when Perry sent me almost twelve different emails attached with some article clipping that had been posted about legal cases he was winning.

I didn’t know exactly what at that time, I just knew I was here for a reason. We both knew that we shouldn’t be dating, so he felt that if our families knew that we were talking to each other, then it would avoid gossip from other Arabs, Muslims, or the community as a whole. But unfortunately, the faith has been so misconstrued by culture driven by “men”, that there are a great many Muslim’s who don’t know the difference between the culture and the faith. Apparently, it was important to him that I knew how honored I should feel to have a man of his accomplishments sit across from me.

I knew my father would never and I mean NEVERRR approve of me dating.

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