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You can’t keep giving these men Kim Kardashian sex, blow jobs and all if they did not earn it, look what happened with Ray J! There is no conference to attend, no morning traffic to beat, no flight to catch.

It will become clear at the end of this what I mean by broke nigga.

(This is in no way punishment just to get you to read this to the end, but it will be worth it and educational).

There is no real need to delve into her experiences as that would require another 10 pages which I don’t think you would enjoy reading, mainly because jealously e tlo go o kakata.

Her experiences with broke niggas read like a Shirley Brown song, even I got embarrassed because she was basically talking about the things I do.

Somewhere in between our chat I had an epiphany and it suddenly hit me, good women are held back in life because of broke niggas.

The persistent urge to give broke niggas ass is what is holding back women as a collective the world over.I really can’t wait to try it out, I have never been with a bbc have always been curious about how it feels to have my little pussy stretch by a really big black dick. Now before I commence I need to extend on what I mean by a “broke nigga”.I was talking to a female friend of mine the other night.As friends do, we spoke about many things under the sun, but one particular subject caught my attention and ended up being the topic we spoke about well into the AM’s.All a broke niggas really does is sit around, watch porn, read magazines about women and sex and listen to Nicki Minaj talk about what she wants during sex.

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