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It had been laid approximately 35 days earlier, which is the average incubation time for bald eagle eggs. The first egg hatched Tuesday, followed by the second one Wednesday.

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Together, we’ll explore cosy and picturesque Amsterdam through its culinary scene.

I’ll take you away from the crowds, and share personal stories and historical facts.

Tough men (and women) from the outside, but emotional and timid from the inside playing their instruments like the world depends on it. All the beers are still made in the two breweries in this street.

In a private tour set up, wander along secret paths with a local chef and culture lover!

At lest one of the adults is not the same as 10 years ago, as one mate was found dead.

Barring any problems, the eaglets should be ready to fly from the nest, or fledge as it's called, by late June or early July.

If by any chance your favorite artist is playing in the city centre, it will probably be in Paradiso.

Pink Floyd, Prince, Nirvana and many more big names have played in this old church.

The nest also will likely not be left unguarded as the weeks ahead may see attempts by gulls, climbing animals and other birds of prey to raid the nest and pluck the helpless eaglets.

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