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As one pilot later told the commission, “I reverted to the Russian threat — I’m thinking cruise-missile threat from the sea.” At NEADS, a 28-year-old staff sergeant named William Huckabone, staring at his Green Eye, is the first to notice that the Langley jets are off course. We’re not gonna take ’em in Whiskey 386 [military training airspace over the ocean]. Instead of taking handoffs to us and us handing ’em back, just tell Center they’ve got to go to Baltimore. It’s also strange that there would not have been scramble-ready planes at Andrews Air Force Base, the base nearest to Washington, D. Anyhow, after discovering that the NORAD tapes contained an actual, explicit no-shoot order, I wondered what other people have said about it, if anything.

His voice is a mix of stress and dread as he and the controller next to him, Master Sergeant Steve Citino, order a navy air-traffic controller who’s handling the fighters to get them turned around toward Baltimore to try to cut off the phantom American 11. C.: You’ve got [the fighters] moving east in airspace. So I Googled: A page on claims that Michael Bronner’s Vanity Fair article has “debunked” two “conspiracy theories,” including “(2) That the air force was ordered to ‘stand down’ on 9/11.” What????

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As far as I am aware, no families or co-workers of the passengers have ever expressed any doubts about the authenticity of those calls.

And a convincing voice-morph would have required lengthy voice samples plus familiarity with the person’s idiosyncrasies.

Anyway, here it is, on page 9: At what feels on the tapes like the moment of truth, what comes back down the chain of command, instead of clearance to fire, is a resounding sense of caution. There’s still the even more important question of why none of the hijacked planes were even intercepted. From the tape, it’s hard to tell.” Later, on page 7, we have another, even clearer example of confusion between “real world” and “exercise.” In this case the confusion actually – and severely – hampered the military response. One important question, to which I don’t yet know the answer, is whether there was an abnormal number of training exercises on 9/11/2001.

Despite the fact that NEADS believes there may be as many as five suspected hijacked aircraft still in the air at this point — one from Canada, the new one bearing down fast on Washington, the phantom American 11, Delta 1989, and United 93 — the answer to Nasypany’s question about rules of engagement comes back in no uncertain terms, as you hear him relay to the ops floor. Could fighter jets have succeeded in intercepting any of the hijacked planes? Was the confusion portrayed in the NORAD tapes purely “natural,” as official-story defenders assume? —And there’s a possible second hijack also — a United Airlines … After fighter jets were scrambled from Langley Air Force Base to be sent to Washington, D. I know that there were at least five “war games” scheduled for 9/11, but I don’t yet know how many training exercises per day (or per week) is normal.

As we shall see later, there is reason to question the timestamp. Delta 1989 and the Canadian scare turn out to be false alarms. And the fast-moving target near the White House that the armed fighters are racing to intercept turns out to be a friendly—a mistake by a civilian controller who was unaware of the military’s scrambles, as weapons techs Huckabone and Citino, and their senior director, Fox, suddenly realize.

Perhaps the no-shoot order might actually have been given earlier, at a time when it could actually have caused harm? Admittedly too, what I’ve found here doesn’t, in and of itself, prove that the pilots would not have been given clearance to shoot after ID’ing a plane, if only they had succeeded in intercepting one of the hijacked planes. According to the timestamp, the above conversation occurred four minutes before the Pentagon was struck.The navy air-traffic controller seems not to understand the urgency of the situation. Admittedly, since none of the hijacked planes were ever intercepted, one could dismiss the no-shoot order as irrelevant. The mere existence of such an order was anything but “debunked” by Bronner’s article.To “debunk” that, one would have to claim that tapes were voice-morphed – with no conceivable motive. An explicit stand down order would be too obvious, one would think. Judging by the Vanity Fair article, the military never did receive clearance, earlier, to shoot down any of the hijacked planes either.But, lo and behold, here it is – although, as we shall see, it not yet clear what relevance, if any, it may actually have as evidence, given the alleged timing and the alleged context. The orders from higher headquarters are to identify by aircraft type and tail number, and nothing more. Not that this mattered, because none of the hijacked planes were ever even intercepted.It also seems very unlikely to me that anyone in either the Boston FAA Center or the New York FAA Center would have been lax about communicating with the military about Flight 175, after Flight 11 crashed into WTC 1.

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