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When television displaced print as the principal source of information, the architecture of that new information ecosystem changed radically.

Instead of having low entry barriers, people encountered gatekeepers. The third information ecosystem of the modern era, which is Internet-based and includes social media, once again features extremely low entry barriers for individuals and favors a meritocracy of ideas.

He has traveled the world delivering that deck to hundreds of people at a time, showing in irrefutable detail just how mind-bogglingly badly we have treated our planet and what we might be able to do about it., the documentary that spread those ideas to millions. I didn’t think a slide­show could translate into a movie.

In April, 175 world leaders gathered at the United Nations to sign the Paris Agreement, a global pact that aims to keep global temperatures from rising more than 2 degrees Celsius above preindustrial levels. Gore: I have to admit to you that initially I did not want to do a documentary. I saw you give your updated talk at TED this year, and it made me wonder how you stay passionate now that you’ve given it so many times.

Now, a decade after his movie sounded the alarm about climate change and 16 years after he ran for president, it looks like Al Gore might finally be … Every one is different, but the passion doesn’t require summoning. It is a source of some joy to have work to do that justifies pouring every ounce of energy you have into it.

A team will be behind on the scoreboard, but the shift in momentum is so obvious and dramatic that you just have the feeling they’re going to win. We’re still behind on the scoreboard, but the momentum has shifted. When renewable electricity becomes cheaper than electricity that comes from burning coal or gas, then that changes everything. Was it lonely fighting for this stuff in government in the 1980s and 1990s?

The marketplace makes it the default option, and you get what you saw in the world in 2015—90 percent of the new electricity generated in the world last year was from renewables. The Paris Agreement exceeded the upper range of my expectations. __It was certainly a different time and a different environment.

The Republican mayor of Miami is part of a bipartisan coalition of mayors across South Florida who have said the time for partisanship is long past.

The city of Georgetown, Texas, announced that it’s going to switch to 100 percent renewables.And that influence over policymaking has to be counterbalanced by a grassroots awareness.You’ve always said climate change shouldn’t be a partisan issue.And one of the city officials said, “I’m about the furthest thing you can imagine from Al Gore.” Great! But there’s a reason President Obama had to initiate his Clean Power Plan without Congress. Well, to begin with, our democracy has been hacked.It is shockingly unresponsive to considerations of the public interest. “Excuse me,” the former vice president says, dabbing a tissue at his nose before offering up an explanation.

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