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He said his life had plateaued in the last year and that he wanted atleast one aspect of it to progress.

So apparently the choice had been B-school or marriage, with B-school emerging winner.

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He probably expected this response though, and agreed with my reasoning.

With that topic out of the way, it took the pressure off us and we were able to chat casually.

For some time now I have been thinking of highlighting some points from comments on my molestation posts (1 and 2) as about 200 comments tried to shed light on the issue. I have picked those comments which gave a reason as to why molestation happens and comments which offered a solution.

I have taken tiny excerpts from the comments and anyone wanting to read the complete comment can click on the link given. I mean brushing against a woman, touching her in a crowd etc.

According to the dictionary meaning, molestation can mean forcing unwanted sexual attention on somebody and/or to pester/annoy.

Ofcourse at least half of these comments were written in reaction to a molestation incident which got out of hand and became a sexual assault and we have to keep that in mind when we read some of the solutions offered.) Such varied and diverse opinions!

He walked me back to my car an hour and a half later, and we drove our separate ways.

All in all, it was an okay meeting- we didn’t have great chemistry, but had enough to talk about on the first date. I agreed, and after discussing options, he made a reservation at my favourite Chinese restaurant.

However, when I asked him how his marriage plans fit into the current scheme of things, he didn’t have an answer.

He claimed he wasn’t sure of getting accepted into B-school and didn’t want to say no to a potential rishta (mine) in the meantime.

On the drive back that night, he insisted we drive all the way to the other end of town for paan and at some point, we found ourselves playing cupid for our friends, and laughing about how we should partner with each other in a matchmaking agency. I put forth my reasoning in a rational way, he understood my point of view ; and we were fine. The only time I heard from him was a week after our second (and last) date when he called to ask me if I had spoken to my single guy friend about meeting his single girlfriend.

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