Intimidating soccer goalie jersey

I got \"IMTAKEN\" on my tag b/c I am married, actually got it before I got married. 2BLND4U there is someone else in the town that i live in that has TRUBLND well she is not a blonde so i chose 2BLND4U (to blonde for you) because most people tell me and am such a blonde and i have learned to blame all my mistakes, stupidity and ditzyness on my blonde hair!!!I'm a huge Star Wars fan, so when I got my new Prius I had to get a Star Wars plate.In Virginia all the obvious ones were taken, but KESLRUN (for the infamous Kessel Run, which Han Solo claimed the Falcon ran in under 12 parsecs) was available.

FROM THE BRITTNEY SPEARS SONG, "IF YOU SEEK AMY." IF YOU ADD SPACES, IT READS: I-F-U-SEA-K, JUST PLACE THE LETTER "C" FOR "SEA." I TRIED IT TO SEE IF I COULD GET AWAY WITH IT. I asked the driver why he had it, he told me he was the health inspector! Hacker"; This is my plate, I just picked it up the other day.

NOT ONLY DID IT WORK, BUT IT GOT ME WRITTEN UP BY MY HUMAN RESOURCES FOR "INAPPROPRIATE MATERIAL" AT WORK. I own "No Tag" in TX, someone else spotted this NV plate at the hacker convention DEFCON source: Vote for my plate too! I've been dying to get a personalized plate for a while now, and I've wanted something with a little 1337ness; I think this counts!

" so yeah, i got that tattooed on my chest and put it on my license plate.

I had a yellow mazda miata that could zip in and out of lanes very easy and I could tell it pissed people off so I put "middle finger" on my tag. At first the comments were mixed, 50/50, but as time went on the positives were at 80 to 90 %. I got this plate because I've worked hard since i was 14 to purchase my first car when i was 15 for $750.00.

I had a model kit when I was a kid in the seventies called Vanbulance.

my boyfriend made a comment early in our relationship "I hear ya cluckin Big Chicken" and it stuck ever since then. i go by Big Chicken, my daughter is Little Chicken and boyfriend is Big Rooster (he doesnt have vanity plates). when my daughter turned 16 she got a car for her birthday and she wanted vanity plates also. The car is my winter car, which I use to take to the mountains during the winter seasons to snowboard. This is my plate on my brand new 2013 Camry Hybrid. Make a wish everytime is on the clock, only time all 4 digits are the same.

Plus it's binary for 54 which has nothing to do with it. ALSO, the extended detailed version: Romans 10:9 indicates a requirement of salvation: "That if you confess with your mouth, 'Jesus is Lord', and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved." So, "to be born again" means "to be saved" because to be saved, one must confess Jesus is Lord with one's mouth and believe it in one's heart.

I live on the Detroit windsor border so customs officers always do a double take and ask what it means (car 54 where are you). Also, to be born again means to follow Romans that "with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you profess your faith and are saved". Either it means the world should get rid of all its nukes or it's from Call of Duty. But, judging by the "war is not the answer" bumper sticker it's a political statement.

WHEN 7-LETTER PLATES BECAME AVAILABLE IN TEXAS I JUMPED ON IT..........6-LETTER VERSION (IMA-TXN) HAS LONG BEEN GONE NEVER WILL BECOME AVAILABLE AGAIN..... So when I got my Mustang and dressed it up I thought the phrase was fitting so I bought the plate. It's a 1990 325ix, which is a somewhat rare all-wheel drive version of the E30 platform BMW.

My dad gave me his car in high school and it wasn't so cool so I thought I'd make it more my style and more fun and it is my favorite car all time since watching the show when I was a kid and playing with the matchbox car. It had a California plate that said 2 BAD and I always thought it was the coolest thing I ever saw.

we rap about how gangster we are living in a yet to evolve, redneck city.

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