Robin thicke black women dating white men christian online dating usa

Even still, he speaks about " race" in other interviews too, not just with Essence.

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He says since both he and Paula have estranged relationships with one of their parents, they fill the void for each other. I didn’t have a great relationship with my mom and she didn’t have a great relationship with her dad and we became that for each other. It's not coincidence that the black women that are praised by the media, find attractive are ones like Halle Berry, or ones that have more acceptable look.

And he encouraged Black women to date whomever they want....give Black men a chance! It’s nice if you can make someone drop it like it’s hot, or pop a bottle. What I realize about the difference between me and my peers -- you know, Chris Brown and Drizzy Drake and all my musical peers -- is that they haven’t been with the same woman for 18 years and I’ve been with a Black woman for 18 years. Because black women with more melanin with more negro features are just too black to be consider attractive or appealing.

Essence maybe geared towards blacks, owned or once owned by blacks but that doesn't mean the conversation has to be about his black wife.

The first questioned asked didn't even require race being discussed.

See the highlights inside and see his wife Paula Patton stop by "106 & Park." Robin Thicke chatted with recently where he credited loving the same woman for 18 years as what makes his music so different from his peers. White people are smart, they have pretty good strategy.

That woman, of course, is fab actress Paula Patton (who wore a And while discussing interracial dating, he says he's never dated a white woman (even though his wife is bi-racial). When you have that relationship and that means the most to you -- you know I can’t live without that woman, she is my muse, my best friend, and my creative partner. Basically, let's call ones that have a drop of black blood in them BLACK because that's the closest we can deal with and they are more appealing.But, at the end of the day, one parent is white because when we look at people like Halle Berry, Alicia keys or Paula, people will still see you as biracial, doesn't matter if you associate with your black side more. I'm not black American either, because my family is not from America.Now, if both parent are African Americans or creole or all the things that black folks like to claim due to their low self esteem, it's a different story which is also a waste of time. I am simply black/African because black people are all over the world and they can all be trace back to Africa.What happened to just asking, how is your wife, not how is it to be married to a black woman.Robin Thicke is a good musician, let's leave it as that. poor me, I just need black men or white men to give me an approval. The society refers to biracial as black which makes it easier to fill out on application. Tiger Woods is black, no he's biracial, he's mother is Asian. Well, last time I checked both parent are black American. If one of your parent is not another ethnic/race, then you are BLACK. Born and raised in Cuba, speak spanish does not make me latina.Now those are black folk I'm sure you can and do look up to. So, because you don't listen or care for Robin you should like some hip hop artist or men who are known to cheat on their wives? By the way, I could guarantee if this were some black male artist, talking about his great sex with his white wife, and how he loves white women, this whole dialogue would be different.

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