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They are both different paths to the same point, 'LIFFY'.

The airways, fixes and intersections are given names such as a fix name like 'LIFFY' or a route name like 'L975' (which can include multiple fixes) or a VOR name such as 'STRUMBLE' so that pilots and controllers can mention them by name.

Pilots flying in the same area over time get to know the names well.

This way a controller can be sure that even if a steady stream of aircraft is leaving the airport they will all be following in a nice neat line, one behind the other (that's the idea anyhow! There is a point called LIFFY to the East of Dublin airport for instance which departing aircraft travelling eastwards (perhaps to an airport in the Britain for instance) will usually fly to as the first point on their journey.

Dublin airport has a set route to this point from each runway.

These routes are again given names so that controllers and pilots can communicate these procedures to each other.

For Dublin airport the standard routes from runway 28 to the LIFFY intersection are called LIFFY2A, LIFFY2B.

comment by Bevington: Maybe we can add a drawing of one of the SIDs mentioned above and illustrate how the departing aircraft would actually navigate from the runway to the LIFFY intersection to join the filed flightplan.

Another thought would be to add a section discussing that SIDs may be included in the flightplan or could (often) be assigned when the departure clearance is obtained from VATSIM ATC.

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